Top Five Free Online Copy Paste Article And Duplicate Content Checker Tools 2013

Duplicate Content Checker Online Tools can provides unique protection for your website. And can automatic scan your website daily and tell you via email, when new copies of your content are found from other sites. Mostly professional writers always check articles before publishing on websites, because in these days lot of people are Copying Paste articles to publish it on own blogs or websites.


Using below tools check the already published articles on regularly basis, all tool are free but if you want to check big quantity content then you can get premium IP to integrate the tool in your CMS and search all the articles inside your website or blog.[adsense]

1- Copyscape:

CopyscapeOne of the best and ranked #1 copy content detection solution provider. Its uses Google and Yahoo as search providers to detect and check duplicate content from other sites and inform you instantly. It will check the originality of their new content. For more detail

2- Webconfs :

webconfsWebconfs provide useful and most using tool named “Similar Page Checker.” It will be allowing you to determine the percentage of similarity between two pages. Easily check your content could be similar to other websites or not. Also you can add this tool to your website. For more detail visit

3- Plagiarisma

PlagiarismaPlagiarisma is another useful duplicate content checker tool. They provide you many useful options ,Google Scholar, Google Books, Synonymizer, Spell Checker etc. With the help of this tool you can check duplicate contents in 200 languages. For more detail visit

4- Plagium

PlagiumPlagium provide free tool for use ,but for professional purpose or developing take costs money. Plagium can track up to 25,000 characters for checking duplicate contents from Internet. For more detail visit

5- Duplichecker:DuplicheckerAnother free online duplicate contents detection tool. It is designed to check Maximum 1000 words limit per search for professional articles & essay writers. For more detail visit