Proteus Professional Is One Of The Best Automated Design Software For Electronic Circuits

Proteus Professional is a system of circuit simulation based on the models of electronic components. Proteus Professional is the best provider of modeling  programmable devices to work with microcontrollers, microprocessors, DSP and others. Also it is a system design of printed circuit boards. Proteus Professional designed and distribute by Labcenter Electronics Ltd, was founded in 1988 by the chairman and chief software architect John Jameson.


Main Features:

Simulations available for PIC, AtMEL, TI, ARM 8051, AVR, HC11, ARM7/LPC2000 and Basic Stamp processors.
You can see your code interact with simulated hardware in real-time.
Interactive peripheral models for displays, keypads andintegrated 3D viewer
Over 8000 analogue and digital device models.
World class shap base autorouter.
Works with popular compilers and assemblers.[adsense]Proteus-PreviewProteus  demo is available in to download for try and if you like this then buy Proteus Platinum Edition from its official website cost is £3495.00