Top 8 Smartwatches For You

Top 8 Smartwatches For You

Only the best of the best, like the Omega Speedmaster, deserves a spot on your wrist. With the watch industry utilizing technology to make the digital smartwatch, different brands offer different features that can not only optimize your health but also eliminate the need for physical cash. Here are the top eight smartwatches that can make life stress-free and complement your personal style.Top 8 Smartwatches For You

Fitbit Charge 3

Statistically, the brand’s most successful model, Fitbit Charge 3 comes with new and improved features like a touch screen (the brand’s first) and an upgraded processor which reduces lag.

With a more dedicated tracker, this smartwatch can now track your sleep and give you a report on how to improve your quality of rest. Downloading the Fitbit app also allows females to track their menstruations, record their symptoms, and estimate ovulation periods.

By revealing more insights about one’s own body, the smartwatch industry can help us become the best versions of ourselves.

Apple Watch Series 5

When users talked, Apple listened. Now with a display that’s always on, the Apple Watch Series 5 feels like a “proper watch” allowing you to check the time without having to move your wrist, and they were able to do it without sacrificing a second of battery life. How’s that for innovation?

Apple also enhanced the Series 5’s health features. The Series 5 rewards you for completing three daily activity goals such as standing, exercising, and moving. Now that almost every smartwatch can track your steps and heart rate, Apple stayed two steps ahead of the game by making a noise app, which warns you when you’re at risk of hearing damage.

More personalized than ever, this digital wearable comes with cases ranging from different materials, making it perfect for any occasion. You can also change the watch face to suit your mood, so you’ll never have to worry about matching your watch to your outfit.

Continuously innovative, the Apple Watch Series 5 is without a doubt one of the top smartwatches in the industry today.

Garmin Fenix 6

Made for hustle and bustle of everyday life, the Garmin Fenix 6 is your perfect companion. With a battery that can last over 100 days on a single charge, you can stay connected to your life rather than the nearest outlet.

It’s not like your everyday smartwatch, because the Garmin Fenix can be used for a variety of purposes and can withstand even the harshest of elements.

Whether you’re taking the subway in New York City or exploring the Sahara Desert in Morocco, this smartwatch will drive you to chase your wildest dreams.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Inexpensive but just as effective, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active will have you looking cool with its sleek and modern design. Made with pro-active features, this smartwatch reminds you to keep moving and spend less time being idle. It’s like having your own personal trainer 24/7!

This watch is perfect if you live an active lifestyle because the Galaxy Watch Active has high-tech motion sensors that can track seven different types of activity. It can give you advice on how to consistently improve your fitness activity to get optimum results.[adsense]

Concerned for your wellbeing, this digital wearable alerts you when you have an abnormal heart rate and has a Breath Session app, which lets you unwind and relax.

Polar M600

Plan your day ahead and schedule your workout in between with the Polar M600, now with its own training diary called the Polar Flow. It’s so advanced that it can analyze your workouts and help you improve your gym game with progress reports.

Supported by Google’s Wear OS, this smartwatch will do all the data-crunching for you so you can reach your next milestone. It doesn’t matter if you have your own fitness tracking app because the Polar M600 can support several third-party tracking apps for your convenience.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

Specifically made for the jet-setting individual, this smartwatch is so attuned to your body and tracks all your data that living a happy and healthy lifestyle is within your reach.

Even the longest of layovers won’t be a reason to stay put because the Garmin Vivoactive 4 is pre-loaded with over 20 sports apps to keep you productive. Enhanced with a more readable display, you can easily understand the data the watch gives you.

The best part about this watch is that it won’t cost you your life savings. You can get this timepiece for less than $1,000 without compromising quality. It looks like you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Skagen Falster 2 Smartwatch

Reviewed as “one of the most beautiful smartwatches,” the Skagen Falster 2 smartwatch is one to look out for. The Scandinavian brand will make life hassle-free thanks to the Skagen Falster 2.

With Google Assistant, you can use this voice-activated feature to make the most of your time–no need to stand idly while waiting for someone to pencil in your reservation. Google Assistant will do it all for you from setting appointments to making quick searches at your disposal.

Fossil Sport

Designed to outlast even the most stressful days, the Fossil Sport Smartwatch will never conk out on you.

It’s powered by Google’s Wear OS, so you can get your own personalized health coaching and activity goals with Google Fit.

You can also ditch your wallet and go digital by paying using your wristwatch. As long as mobile payments are accepted, you can tap your Fossil Sport and pay for your purchases using Google Pay.

Water-resistant, you can take this baby for a swim without risk of short-circuiting.
The Sport Smartwatch comes in different colors and its round design makes it the perfect unobtrusive but useful accessory.