Top 10 Software Securities for Your Business

Top 10 Software Securities for Your Business

The success of a business is determined by many factors and many people overlook the fact that one should always take great measures to protect their business from digital malfunctions by using security software. Granted, not all businessmen are the most tech-savvy, but because of the advancements in technology and the emergence of smarter robots, here are the top ten software security systems every business needs to ensure it’s safe from any cyber-attacks.Top 10 Software Securities for Your Business

Anti-Virus Software

As children, we were always warned by our parents to be wary of websites because they might contain viruses. By the time we reached adulthood, viruses became less of a threat and has since turned into a secondary worry whenever we browse the internet.

If you’re operating a business, it’s paramount that every desktop and device used for conducting business is protected with a basic anti-virus software.

Anti-Spyware Software

Spyware is designed to track online activities and the results can be devastating if they’re able to access precious and confidential information.

By installing anti-spyware software, your devices should be better protected from data privacy breaches and remove threats such as password recordings. Anti-spyware software will generally improve your application security by eliminating the threat of rogue software scraping or stealing important information for a malicious third party.

Wifi Inspector

This simple tool can go a long way because it can see all the devices connected to your network, giving you important information like IP addresses, manufacturers, and device names among other things.

With a wifi inspector, you can get real-time monitoring of wireless network status and ensure you’re getting the highest performance available from your networks. You can also detect rogue access points and block them in case of any threats.

Network Security

In a time where data privacy breaches are becoming more common, it wouldn’t hurt to secure your network to protect valuable information about your company and your private lives.

You can secure your network through the use of multiple software and protect your business against unwanted intrusions into corporate networks.

It also protects the usability and integrity of your network and data, so having this in your digital arsenal can be a massive help in fighting off cyber-attacks.


A firewall, as the name suggests, is a barrier that protects your computer, tablet, smartphone, or practically any digital device from data-based malware that is found on the internet.

The good news is that most gadgets with a modern operating system has a built-in firewall, but it does no harm to double-check.[adsense]

The importance of firewalls is that they protect the exchanging of data between your device, server, and routers in the cyberspace.

Firewalls do the heavy lifting and monitor these packets for you. Because firewalls have a set of standards that the data have to meet, firewalls can either accept or reject the packets.

Password Managers

Passwords can be stored on individual web browsers for safekeeping and the convenience of the user, but that puts the data at risk of being compromised.

Skip the basic browser password manager and opt for a more secure reinforcing system that keeps all of your passwords safe. As central password repositories, it can also hold critical data such as credit card numbers and connection information without making you break a sweat.

Encryption software

When security fails, encryption software can function as your backup and save the day. As a business owner, it’s crucial to think about the safety of your information so protecting your files and folders should be your top priority.

The release of sensitive information can result in financial loss, penalties, or worse, the end of your business altogether.

With encryption software, unauthorized users are unable to access or even view your files, rendering them safe from intruders.

Monitoring Tool

Monitoring tools use the latest tech available and they come in handy especially for systems admins or network administrators. With an effective monitoring tool, you can spot potential problems before they can cause any real damage.

Some software have advanced infrastructure management capabilities and contain user-friendly displays that are not only visually attractive but customizable to your personal taste.

You can also monitor your cloud storage, making sure that all of your data is protected and free of any unwanted intruders who mean you and your business harm.

Intrusion Prevention Systems

More commonly known as IPS, intrusion prevention systems offer ongoing protection for the data of your company. They cover blind spots that traditional security measures often miss, so you’re never caught unaware.

Most intrusion prevention software are available for a wide variety of operating systems, so it won’t be hard to find the right one for your organization.

These systems can keep malicious code from latching onto your network, giving hackers no choice but to let you carry on with your business, cyber-attack free!

Remote Wiping Software

Remote wiping software acts as a worst-case-scenario if your device has been lost, stolen, or retired.

Not only can you locate and lock your gadget, you can even wipe it clean, ensuring that whoever has your device won’t be able to access your data.