Top 6 Brain Teaser Android Games 2016 – Must Try

Android Smartphone and tablets have a wide range of mind-boggling and brain teaser games available to give your brain some nice little exercise. The brain teasing nature of these games also helps to enhance your logical and analytical skills while ensuring fun at the same time. Given below is a list of our 5 top mind games that offer a brain teasing experience but in an entertaining way. Must try, hope you like.Top 5 Brain Teaser Android Games

1- Splice:
Splice is a scientific brain teaser that is about predicting the movement, splicing the cells and fitting them in a given outline. The game throws some of the most challenging puzzles that need to be solved in a specific number of moves. Splice consists of 75+ levels with different geometry. Unlike the other puzzle solver games; you need to spend time in understanding it for its delicate brain teasers and unique approach.

2- Bug Runner 2D:
Bug Runner 2D is more of a running game than a brain teaser, but making the bug run safely on a wire and avoiding the obstacles can qualify it as a top mind game. The levels will grow in difficulty as the players make progress to keep them hooked for a long time. Use the navigation controls to jump up or down as required to save your bird from getting killed. You are sure to enjoy the different obstacles that the game throws your way.

3- World of Goo:
World of Goo is a time-consuming and addictive puzzle game which is about creating a bridge using a minimum number of goos for transferring the remaining unused goos to the other side. Unlike Splice, the World of Goos does not require a learning curve. The game also boasts awesome graphics. Like other games, the levels become difficult as you move ahead with the introduction of different goo creatures. The game also gives you the option to play with other human players worldwide to build the tallest goo towers in the world.[adsense]

4- Unblock Me Free:
Unblock me free is about freeing red blocks by sliding the other blocks on the screen. The game is available for free and is quite similar to another game traffic jam. Powered with 1200 brain teasers, unlock me free is an addictive and interesting game that will give you countless hours of mind-boggling entertainment. The game also extends two different types of gameplay. The easy version of the game allows you to make infinite moves while a challenge mode is about solving a puzzle within a specific set of moves.

5- Slide Puzzle:
Slide Puzzle is about fixing an image in the right sequence. You have the option to choose a particular image from a 3×3 grid option to an 8×8 grid option. This makes the game interesting and challenging at the same time. The pieces are all cluttered with an empty space to let you slide them one by one to achieve an organized appearance. You can also take some help by checking the number of spaces a piece needs to move around. However, you can play blindly if you are looking for a challenge. The game becomes tough with higher grid sized puzzles filled with brain teasers.

6- Glow Puzzle:
Glow Puzzle is another exciting puzzle solver. The game is about finishing a figure by joining dots without going over a line twice. Like other games, it starts off easily but gets complicated when a player moves to advanced levels. Once you understand the basic psyche of the game, you will be able to move easily across a lot of levels without any brain teasers. The game runs a few ads but an ad-free version is also available at $0.99.

The games listed above have received a lot of positive reviews for the quality playtime they offer to players. Each game is filled with different brain teasers and requires a specific mindset and approach to overcome those. We will suggest you to add these games in your top mind games list and gave them a try, if you have not already.