Top 50 Techniques to Get Traffic on Your Website

Traffic of a website is a signal to measure success and reputation of a website. Site with huge traffic have more chances to earn through simple techniques. This post will give you 50 different tips to get traffic for your website. For these tips to follow, you should have a website domain i.e. so that you can move forward in an active way. I have tried my best to include both conventional and modern techniques of getting traffic. Get Traffic on Your Website

Some of these techniques will be new for you as they came here after my personal experiences of my SEO career. You can say them my invented techniques.

Keep this thing in mind that your website is not only a simple site but it is your business. As you invest money for purchasing domain and hosting, so really you will be looking to get some earning from it. Earning through website does not follow a shortcut but the key is the consistent hard work.

Let’s start the post but at the end, I will be definitely looking for your feedback.

1. Search Engine Optimization:
Search Engine is biggest source of information for internet users. They can’t remember the URL of each website of their need. In this case, search engine is the only source to access the required information. Search Engine plays an important role in sending traffic to a website. So there is a need to make your website search engine friendly. The way through which one can make his website search engine friendly is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Following things should be kept in mind to do proper SEO;

  • Use Meta tags in head section to tell the search engine that your website presents information about which topic. For example, if your website is related to Health and fitness, your meta tags should be like that;

<html><head><title>Free Health Tips Everyone</title>

<meta name=” description” content=” Free articles on health and fitness”>

<meta name=”keywords ”content=”health care, health tips, fitness”>


Now your website will look like this;

  • Give the name of pages related to content

During the marking of your website, give the name of the pages according to their content. For example, if your website is related to mobile phones, and given the page names like page1.html, page2.html, page3.html, then such names can create a real problem for search engine to know about the content of that page. The solution is that if the page is about mobile tips, you can give its name as mobile_tips.html. For other pages, you can give names like mobile_downloads.html, mobile_software.html etc.

  • Avoid using Frames

Avoid using plenty of frames on your website, as search engine crawlers can’t read the content inside a frame.

  • Avoid Using Java and Flash during Site Development

Java, Flash and other modern web design techniques although helps to increase the beauty of a website but these also create problem for search engine to read the content properly. Although, Google has advance algorithms to read such content but to avoid risk, make use of Html.

2. Website Submission in popular Search Engines
After making a new website, top search engines crawl your website by themselves but to be more advance, you can submit your website to search engines through following inks;

Search Engine generally takes 3,4 weeks to index a new website so be patient and don’t ever to try to submit your website multiple times.

3. DMoz Open Directory Submission
DMoz is an open directory project where you can submit your websites. After Dmoz submission, the editor of this directory analyzes your website and includes your website after approval. The biggest advantage of submitting your website to DMoz is that your website comes into the radar of popular search engines when they send their crawling spiders to DMoz.

4. Join my50 Website
My50 is a social networking website where people exhibit their aims and goal of New Year. For example, I will leave smoking in 2016. I will get my site ranked on first page in 2016 etc. If your goal resembles with some other people’s goal, you will be added in that specific group. So with you aim you can share your website there.

5. Get Traffic from Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Answers is an education community website where people ask questions about computer, health, business and multiple other topics. If you find a question relevant to your website, you can give the answers with reference to your website.

6.Blog Commenting
There are thousands of blogs and websites that offer commenting and feedback on their articles. Read the article of your niche, participate in the discussion and in comments, use the link of your website as reference. Here keep in mind that doesn’t post irrelevant comment with link that will be counted as spam.

7. Add Website in your Ebay Profile
If you’re a member of ebay and sells/purchases things from online store, then don’t forget to give the link of your website in your ebay profile.

8. URL Signature in your Emails
You probably send a lot of emails daily to your clients and friends, why not include your website link in your email signature. May be receiver of your email check your website and become a consistent reader of your website.

9. Use of TAF Script
TAF (Tell a friend) is actually a script that you have to install on your website server. Front end of this script allows the website visitor to send your webpage to other through email Id. The same purpose can be achieved through installing different sharing plugin on your website such as used in WordPress.

10. Offer Some Free Products
Offer some free and useful product on website so that visitor remains in touch with your website. Web surfers normally remember those websites that offer some free products.

11. Keep your Soft Image on Internet
Remain positive on Social media and other profile links sites. People generally check the past record of a person on internet before doing partnership, business or relationship with a person. If you are popular as spammer or hacker on social bookmarking sites, people will feel risk while visiting your website.

12. Offer Some Free Unique Tool
Do a research on internet and find a tool that is most required by people i.e. a tool with highest searches and it should be unique one. Offer this tool free of cost on your website with a trial expiration of 30 days. Allow downloading the tool free of cost for next 30 days. In this way, users remain visiting your website after periodic intervals.

13. Keep Your Website Live
Keep your website live with fresh content, users answer and backlinks. At least, you should publish content once per week minimum. Reply for the visitor’s queries timely so that they think that the website remains active all the time. Similarly, give fresh backlinks to your website at daily basis.

14. Give Some Time to other Websites
There is a famous saying “Do Good have Good”, this is a simple quote but you can get plenty of traffic by applying in on yourself. Check your competitor’s websites and look them as a web master, visitors and editor point of view. Check for any problem in design, content, technicality etc. If you find any mistake, contact the admin of that website and point out the mistake. It’s better to email them and show your sincerity, affection and friendship in the email. At the end of the email, mention your site name with ending salutations. Inspired from your sincerity, there are more chances that the admin of that website visit your website or share with friends. Don’t be afraid that the site who will correct the issues on your notification will cross over your website.

15. Reply to the visitor queries within 24 Hours
Reply to the visitor queries within 24 Hours so that they think that webmaster remains active on the site all the time. Being active in this way, visitor will be happy from you and may share your website with his contacts.

16. Use Feedback or Contact Form
Make a contact us form and allow comment feedback from the visitors. Through these simple forms, visitors can contact you by just entering their name, email and query. Once your reply the customers, they will be able to send more queries from their emails.

17. Offer Sponsorship for Different Events
Become a sponsor of local and international events and seminars help in your area. With a little investment, you name and website URLs will be included in the sponsor list and get traffic in this way.

18. Your Website at Every Desktop
It is the wish of every webmaster that his website will be visited at every computer. For this purpose, everyone should have an internet connection but I will tell you a way through which your website will be there at every desktop without a connection.

Just design some amazing wallpapers and screensavers that should be available free to download at your website. Use the logo of your website and URL at every wallpaper.

19. Participate in Discussions
Join different forums and question answers websites and actively participate in the discussions. Help the people and as a reward ask the people to visit your website.

20. Become Expert of your Niche
Become expert of your niche such that user may think that only you can help them on this topic. Keep your knowledge up to date with latest trends and tips of the modern technology. Read blogs at daily basis to get more knowledge of your industry.

21. Visiting Cards
We meet with people on daily basis and introduce our business to them. Print your website URLs along with the introduction of your business and office addresses on visiting cards.

22. Submit your Website for Reviews
There are a lot of websites on internet that offers free submission of website for reviews. Every member on the site visits the submitted sites and gives their reviews. You can also get review and traffic as well from such sites.

23. Article Marketing
A little effort and hard work in article writing can bring huge traffic for many years. All you need is to write an informative post and submit it on a guest posting websites. If your submitted post is on a high domain authority site, you can get good ranks and traffic as well. For article writing, you need to follow these guidelines;[adsense]

  • Your article should be writing of your own. It should be completely unique, innovative and creative.
  • Always search for new topics for which no material is already there on internet.
  • Do a research and find that where the people are facing issues in a fields or area. Write post on that topic.
  • In the article bold the main keyword that you have used.
  • Article should be in simple and understandable language.
  • Don’t post your article In irrelevant website or category.
  • Try to do a guest post on high PR websites e.g. Practical Ecommerce, Shoutmeloud, searchengine journal etc. If unable to do post on these blog, you can use EzineArticles, SooperArticles, Goarticles etc.

24. Business Advertising through OLX
OLX is an international company that allows free advertising on its website. OLX provides you the facility that you can show your ad in any area or country. If you have used the keyword in metas of your advertisement, then there are 100% chances that your ad will rank in search engine is able to extract attention of lot of people.

25. Become Brand Ambassador of your Own
Top companies hire models and TV/film stars to advertise their product on print and electronic media. It is true that utilizing a star for your brand promotion will create a better impact on the viewers but at the same time, you may not be able to hire these stars. So why not become brand ambassador of your own. Present yourself as a model in your brand videos and advertisements. In this way, more people will know you with respect to your business.

26. Conduct Surveys
Conduct transparent and unbiased surveys on different topics and publish their result in print and electronic media. Of course your brand name will be mentioned in such reports and thousands of people can view your website.

27. Traffic through Addthis buttons website allows you show website bookmarking and social sharing buttons on your website. In this way, you can be a top brand on social media.

28. Avoid Robotic Answers
Normally, visitors ask question about your services through email or contact forms. Some webmaster replies in a robotic high-fie writing style language. May be your reader will only know simple language. In this case, he will not ask a question nor visit your website. Therefore, reply in a simple way that is easy understandable by reader. Address the customers personally so that visitors think that admin is giving his full attention to him.

29. Website or Discussion Board
Forums, questions answers sites and boards are a big source of discussion among people to ask solution of this problems. Join this community website and try to help out the people. Try to post the long answers on your website, and refer the people to your website for answers to those specific queries.

30. Community Websites
There are multiple sites on internet that allows the visitors to share their stories with their social community. Join that website, submit your stories with short description and give link of your website at the end to read in full.

31. Use of Voting System
Show a voting system widget on your website home page. These systems are very interesting for your website visitors who vote for this choice and check the result. For example, you can show voting system for the question; which one is the best ecommerce software i.e. PrestaShop, Magento, Woocommerce etc.

32. Printed Brand Pencils
Order the printing press services to print your brand name, logo and website on pencils and pens. Send the packets of these pens/pencils in IT institutions.

33. Print Media Marketing
If you’re website covers complete information about a particular topic then write a featured post in a newspaper, magazine or digest to advertise your information and services in it. But in this case, your website should contain best knowledge of that topic.

34. Be Updated Keep Updated
Remain updated yourself about your niche. Read the top blogs of your topic daily and its better to subscribe you’re the newsletters of these blog. Set the Google alerts of your topic and give them proper attention. For example, if you’re website is about flowers, check the news that if some new flower is discovered or some new research on flowers. Do a research and keep your updating your blog with latest news and trends of your topic.

35. What the Visitor Want?
After making a website on your selected niche, keep the thing in mind that “What users want?” Now days, what are the visitor’s problems, what are they searching and which solution they want from web masters. Hence select these topics so that visitors can automatically reach you.

36. Join SpicyPages
This is a website where a lot of visitors and web developers see the newly added websites and give their comments about them. Therefore, join and submit your website for comments from community.

37. Free Email Service
When you register a new domain, your hosting provider allows you to make new emails including your domain name, e.g. Although, the providers only allow limited no. of accounts but you can pay more to get permission of making about thousand email addresses. Allow this service to your website visitors, who will definitely love to use this new type of email ID free of cost. When the users will send the emails through these branded email IDs, you brand will became popular.

38. Colorful Stickers and banners
If possible, print colorful banners and stickers including your website address and services. Paste them on prominent places of your city including on your friend’s cars, bikes, motors etc. This will be a running advertisement for your site.

39. Join Social Group and Communities
On Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus join groups and communities of your niche. Try to address the problems of the people in these groups. Make new friends selected from these groups and introduce your website to them.

40. Run PPC Programs
PPC (pay per click) has very prime importance in advertising your website online. In this technique, Google allows you to submit your keyword based link advertisement that it will show at the top, bottom or left sides of first, second or third page as per your budget. When someone clicks on your links and go to your website in this way, Google will charge you accordingly. Google Adwords is a PPC running program of Google. Similarly, Facebook and Twitter also allows showing sponsor ads to their visitors.

41. Use Simple and Short Domain Name
Your domain name should be simple and short so that when user’s visit your website once, they will come back again by entering your domain name in the browser.

42. Youtube Videos
Youtube is biggest source of watching videos on all topics of life. It is a network of thousands of people where they are uploading and watching videos 24 hours a day. Youtube allows placing your videos with title, description and link. So you can make youtube channel, prepare informative videos about your niche focusing the visitor’s problems and get thousands of views on videos and traffic on your website as well.

43. Share Unique and Fresh Content
You should be the first one to break a news or story. For example, if your website is related to SEO and Google rolls out an update e.g. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, phantom etc. You should be the first one to break this news.

44. Newsletters
You can run a newsletter program on your website with the help of your hosting provider. There are different plugins available in WordPress that allows you to show newsletter subscription form on your website. The interested visitors will input their emails IDs and get latest article alerts in their inbox. You can send the information about your new services or products. Keep in mind, that doesn’t send excessive emails to subscribers. Your newsletter should be informative and interesting and its frequency should not be more than once a week.

45. Social Networking Websites
Social networking sites are the best way to connect with new people on internet and share your knowledge with them. Join Facebook groups, Google Plus communities, LinkedIn groups etc., and share your informative post in them. Make your own groups related to your own niche and chat/communicate and manage that group. Invite the people to give reviews about your website.

46. Avoid using Multimedia and Graphics
Avoid using multimedia and high graphics on your website. Although, these things make your website colorful and inspiring but the visitors having low speed internet connection can’t visit your website properly. If the loading time of your website is high, not even the search engine will rank your better. Use CSS instead of flash and graphics on your website.

47. Seminars, Parties and Business Rings
Attend different seminars, parties, meetups and business rings related to your niche. These things will make sure to establish new business relations and introduce your business to them.

48. New Partnerships
Search new partners of your industry and make relations with them. Show banners of each other on websites and allow share the backlinks.

49. Home and Product Testimonials
Testimonials are the proof of the quality of your services. Get some positive reviews about your website and show them on your home page. If you’re selling products, then show the product related reviews on that page. These testimonials will help you to increase your customer loyalty about your website.

50. Presentation and Ebooks
In internet industry, ebooks and presentations on any topic have a quite a huge importance. Based on your research, you can also make an ebook and allow free download for them. In the background, don’t forget to place your website links. More the ebook forwarded to other people, more you will get the traffic.

Author Bio:
Jawad Tahir is a technical writer who loves to write about top ecommerce platforms PrestaShop, Magento, Drupal, WordPress, WooCommerce etc. I like to share latest news and tutorials about them on my technology related blog. Follow him on Twitter Twitter.