Top 5 Games You Must Have On Your Android Device And Smart Phone

Are you getting bored with nothing to do? Do not worry because here I’m reviewing the top five games which you must have on your android device. Whenever you have some free time on your hands, simply download any of these games and start playing. The rest of your time won’t be spent getting bored; rather you will be highly entertained and enjoy a break from life. So here is my list of the top 5 must have games on an android device.Top 5 Android  Games

1. Modern Armored: Bike Attack:
Genre: Action / Bike Racing / Shooting

This bike game is not your typical driving genre thing. It has an added adventure because of its bike attack genre. Modern Armored: Bike Attack has been created by FHA Games. This game is based in the player’s hometown which has come under attack by terrorists. The player is supposed to rescue his hometown from the destruction and devastation that these terrorists caused. This can be done by attacking them as you go through your town. But beware of the boulders and the water tankers which can fall on top of you and kill you. Be careful about your red life line which comes on the top of the screen. Also keep an eye on the enemy’s life line and try to shoot them down as soon as possible.
The graphics and sounds are appropriate for this game and it is a user friendly one with easy controls. This game assigns five missions where targets and goals will be given to you. Fulfill these targets to achieve success.

2. Rock the Ball :
Genre: Brain Teaser / Unblock Puzzle

Rock the Ball is a sliding puzzle game with unblocking categories. Simply download it and start playing. It is an easy to understand game. There are several levels of puzzles where you will find tiles in a maze. Few of these tiles are fixed while others are moveable. You have to move these tiles in order to create a pathway for the ball to travel through. This game is a real challenge because you need to unblock a pathway for the ball within the least possible moves. It is a brain stimulating and engaging game.
This is a really thought provoking game where you have to keep thinking about possible moves. Also it is a match three puzzle game. As you advance, the levels get tougher and the moves become difficult. It also saves your game to be played again right from where you left it. A must have in your android phone / device.[adsense]

3. Off Road Dubai Desert Jeep Race:
Genre: Driving

This game has been created by Beta Games Studios who have extensive experience of desert racing as they are a UAE based developer. Off Road Dubai Desert Jeep Race gives you an adventurous race in the deserts of Arabia. Enjoy this experience without the sand blowing in your face in real life. You can have the experience that you’ve been craving for but within a game complete with animated sand dunes and four wheel drives.
The first game mode is all about riding free and roaming in the sand mountains in the vast desert area. The second mode will let you race amongst other jeeps in a wooden racing trench. The sound effects will make you feel like you are driving in a real desert. Plus the graphics are pretty good too.

4. Tank Titans Simulator – Combat: Strategic War Play:
Genre: Warfare / Strategic Gaming / Simulation

This is a realistic strategic warfare game made in stunning 3D graphics with war sounds and effects. You can detect upcoming enemy tanks on your radar, zoom in on them and shoot them. You can select from a number of tanks. All the levels are locked and are unlocked after successfully finishing each mission successively. In total, there are seven levels with different missions.
Go through the tutorial at the beginning to get familiar with the controls and learn how to play this game. The controls are not complicated and you will get a hang of them quickly. Developed by MB3D Games, Tank Titans Simulator is a great war adventure.

5. The Maze Adventure VR: My favorite :
Genre: Adventure / Horror

The Maze Adventure as the name suggests is a virtual reality adventure based horror game. You need to have Google glasses or a VR Head Set to play this one to its fullest. You will be lost in a maze in this game when you start playing. Try to navigate your way out of the maze as soon as possible. You will also be attacked by deadly zombies as you move. Be careful about these otherwise your health will deteriorate. A must play especially if you are looking for a horror filled experience.