The Next Generation Invention Can Make Hot And Fresh Rotis For Asian Countries

The next generation invention for your kitchen, which can make fresh and hot Rotis. You just have to do it, that fill its separate chambers with raw material (flour, water and oil), adjust time and weight and press Start button. This machine will produce one roti per minute and have enough capacity for twenty rotis before the next refill. Very nice and beautiful design and its size has been just like a small size microwave oven. You can also enjoy making “Parathas” or frying some “Pooris”.Rotimatic_itechsoul[adsense]In the Asian countries lot of people used to eat home baked rotis and take a lot of time everyday to making rotis at home. But now “Rotimatic” make this easier just a touch of your finger. Rotimatic operates with all types of wheat flour so your family enjoys all health benefits of a quality flour of your choice. This invention made by a company in Singapore, Co-Founder & CEO (Rishi Israni) and Co-Founder & CTO (Pranoti Nagarkar). This machine is now available in Singapore and soon it will be launched in other countries of the world.

See Video Introduction of Rotimatic And Enjoy: