China Has Introduced COS (China Operating System) As Compared To Android And iOS

Computer and Smartphone users to steal data validation, making the Chinese government on Windows, Android and Apple IOS operating system have developed alternative. COS (China Operating System) called the software, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai lyantung was developed by a private company. These desktops, mobile phone, tablet, TV and other smart devices will be available.COS (China Operating System)[adsense]According to the head of the Chinese Academy of Sciences desktop would be a gift to the Chinese people. Market-based systems such as Android, iOS and Apple not only steal data from users, but are also the target of hackers all the time.

However, with the help of the Chinese government will take full control over the citizens. Many Chinese consumers who already have restrictions on the internet all the time now, will be also the fear from the government’s secret surveillance. Chinese people and big companies such huauy hardware maker, Z-E and leno show government’s response to the new initiative.