The Next Generation Free App Store From Where You Can Install Favorite Apps With a Single Click

Pokki is a best solution to get your favorite app directly installed on you PC. They provide hundreds of free desktop apps, everything one click away. Pokki real-time inform you to get your favorite apps up-to-date on your emails. You can individually installed your choice apps direct from Pokki website Instagrille, Gmail, Angry Birds, Facebook Lite etc. If you installed Windows 8 then Pokki brings your favorite apps to your PC start Menu, simply Pokki Menu makes gaining access to and organizing your favorite apps, websites, files and folders more simple and easy.

Main Features:

1- Get hundreds of free desktop apps.
2- Everything just one click away.
3- Real-time notifications via Email.
4- Lot of free apps and games for your PC.
5- Fun apps according to fit your desktop.
5- Keep your conversations going outside the browser.
6- Supported win XP, Win Vista, Windows 7 and 8.[adsense]

Installed Preview

For more detail and install pokki installer online just size 780 KB and get its app store near you start menu: