The Need for Digitalization in Healthcare Facilities in 2021

Just as technology is improving and there is not even a single part of our life where the intervention of technology is not there. By the time, you wake up and open your eyes, the technology in the form of a digital alarm clock to the lights of your room is there to welcome you.

From our kitchen to the office, technology is just all over. For instance, in the pharmaceutical manufacturing implementation of EBR management provides error reduction, monitoring, and maintenance of the production.  Even if you are reading this article, this is again thanks to technology. For that very reason, it’s the time we need to thank technology especially in 2021.

This may sound philosophical to you, but, you can’t deny it, as you are among those who have survived the pandemic. The things that took our attention during this was the healthcare facilities.

Healthcare Shift from 2020 to 2021

Normally, hospitals cater to thousands of patients each day all over the world. If I talk about Pakistan, then a number of patients are more as compared to the hospitals. When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, it was a big blow as the world stood still and every walk of life was disturbed. The main priority of everyone was shifted solely towards the COVID and providing instant healthcare facilities to the patients.

Now, the countries which had developed healthcare facilities readily reacted to the threat of a pandemic. In that whole scenario, the particular thing that helped was the Health Management Information System.

Health Management Information System

When a patient enters a hospital, both medical and paramedical staff are fully trained to treat the patient and thus put more energy into it. In order to provide services timely and to reduce the manual work from patient appointment and billing, the Hospital Management Information System is used. That’s how the Hospital Management System in Pakistan is also a dire need where the practice of the doctors needs to be more seamless and smooth.

We all are very well aware of the fact that an assistant is always needed in the hospital to manage all the work. For example, a need to analyze and check what the management team is doing, what’s the update on the information handlers, which patient or case doctors are handling, how the paramedical staff are assisting the doctors, how the finance and account department are working, in short, the whole hospital processes are managed.

It is a complete package, with a set of protocols having complete information. It has all the aspects that are necessary to run the hospital. It starts to work from the time a patient enters a hospital, adding their credentials, tracking health history, health records and billing. It just doesn’t end here, then it moves to the pharmacy and inventory, to keep a check on the records and manage the stocks. And if you are thinking about the accounts then both locally and globally it assists you in its best form. You have all the information in your hand no matter where you are and can even manage multiple branches.

Perks of HMS for the Patients

HMS is often called patient management software as well. The reason being that the ultimate goal of it is improving patient satisfaction and customer experience. At one point where HMS improves healthcare services, it also helps save time and energy along with the increasing revenues.

Here are some major benefits of the Hospital Management System for the patients:

  • The patients can get their appointments booked, scheduled and canceled at any time.
  • Easy, Simple and effective experience of the whole treatment.
  • Hassle-free process of patient-care
  • Saves time and cost of treatment
  • Perks of lab discounts
  • Easy access to the health records and lab reports
  • Cashless transactions
  • All the health record of the patient is secure and just a click away.
  • Patients can access their lab reports anywhere anytime via the web or mobile app

With these aforementioned perks, the patients are sure to get their treatment done without spending hours to get an appointment from the doctor even. In the case of any healthcare facility, be it hospital or clinic, it can achieve smooth paperless management, increased efficiency of their processes, a better market strategy, flexible pricing model, compliance with the industry and complete check on the accounts and finance.