The Muslim 500 – The World’s Most Influential Muslims in 2017

The latest edition of the popular book “The Muslim 500” 2017 is released  on October 2016, and available for free download. This book is copyrighted by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre (MABDA). You can purchase a hard copy/print edition of just $24.95, plus shipping  charges. You can also purchase high resolution PDF (300 dpi) in just $4.99. They send you full-colored edition, measures approximately 16cm x 24cm, printed on glossy paper and has included 279 pages. Expected shipping date will be early November 2016.The Muslim 500 - 2017You can read about from this book:
• Who are the scholars, teachers, and preachers who affect the widest number of Muslims?
• Who are the main Muslim politicians who get things done in the domestic and international realms?
• Who run the largest religious educational systems that affect the next generation of Muslims?
• Who are the top Muslim business leaders who help keep economies growing?
• Who are the Muslims donating millions to charities and who runs the largest of Muslim-based charities?[adsense]
• Who are the Muslims initiating changes on the ground that affect health, education, women’s rights, the environment, human rights, and conflict resolution?
• Who are the top Muslim scientists, artists, celebrities, sports stars?
• Just how influential are these radicals that dominate the advertising-sponsored news and help keep a huge military-industrial complex moving?
• Who were the major Muslim figures who died in the past year?
• Who are the Muslims whose influenced has increased over the past few years, rising up to the top 500 this year? and much, much more.

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