Give Your Kids Something Challenging to Improve their Mind Skills

Android smartphones have introduced a world of word search game apps that not only provide entertainment and leisure, but cater to almost every activity in life. Games and movies are the common leisure activities. People become glued to their phones while playing games of all sorts; the word search games are gaining popularity as well as rate among the most downloaded search word puzzle games. Some of the popular word search games are given as under:

Word Search:
Word SearchThe word search game designed by Brilliant Innovators proves to be a major phenomenon among the users. All a player has to do is to find the pre-defined set of search word puzzles from the letters presented in the grid form within the time span of a minute. The word search game is about sliding the finger across the hidden word to highlight it. Words can only be found in the vertical, horizontal, diagonal and backward direction and jumps of any kind are not supported. The player finding all the given search word puzzles, moves onto the next stage and if by any chance the stage is not completed and the time runs out, the score is displayed on the Leaderboard along with the high score which is not difficult to beat by experts in the game. There are three levels of difficulty in the game easy, medium and hard making it easier to be played by all ages. The word search game is challenging and exciting to play. It gets frequently downloaded by players across the world.

SCRABBLELike the famous board game, scrabble brings a few more options for the player in the digital version of the game. The word search game can be played alone or with friends depending upon the choice of a player. The player is given a set number of tiles of the alphabet and from those tiles, the player has to make a word and start the game. The longer the word the bigger the score. A bonus score is awarded to those who land on a triple letter or triple word score options in this beautiful search word puzzle game. Fans of Scrabble may also enjoy other similar online games, some of which can be seen at

A new feature known as the teacher feature is added in the game which tells a player about the best word that could have been made after every turn. The word search game is good exercise for the brain and increases vocabulary. In a multiplayer search word puzzle scrabble game, the player with the most score wins. The score is updated after every turn. It has become popular among players worldwide as people have been familiar from the board game version.

Ruzzle Free:
Ruzzle FreeThe search word game is all about finding the most words from a jumbled set of letters displayed in the form of a grid, within the time limit of two minutes. A player has to find the maximum word search puzzles over the three rounds of the game and in the end the score is displayed on the Leaderboard. The game can also be played with friends so that the competition may get tough, and whoever scores the maximum wins the search word puzzle game. The words can be found in a consecutive direction without any jumps or spaces in between letters. The search word game is entertaining as well as being played by millions across the world.


Search word games help to solve the search word puzzles. Playing these search word puzzles help to sharpen brain analytical skills and vocabulary at the same time. Download, install and play these free search word games now.