The 10 Best Writing Apps to Boost Your Writing


Your writing skills can be extremely beneficial in numerous segments of your life. Whether you’re writing a CV to apply for a job, a dissertation paper for your college, or a blog post for your marketing strategy, you should always try and polish your writing. Luckily, there are writing apps that can help you improve.

Here’s a list of the 10 best writing apps to boost your writing.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a brilliant spell and grammar checker. It analyzes your writing, finds and marks all potential mistakes, and gives suggestions on how to correct them. It also analyzes your overall:

  • correctness
  • clarity
  • engagement
  • delivery

You can either upload a document by dragging and dropping or use Grammarly extension while writing emails or anything else online.

2. Hemingway App

This app allows you to better understand your writing. It uses different colors to highlight:

  • sentences that are hard and very hard to read
  • passive voice
  • adverbs
  • complicated phrases

If you take these suggestions, your writing will be more readable and understandable. If you want the same type of help, but from a professional writer, these best writing services online can offer that service. They can analyze, edit, or rewrite your content.

3. Thesaurus

When you’re writing, you need to adjust your style and vocabulary to the purpose of your content. Thesaurus is great for finding the specific words and choosing the vocabulary that will speak to your target audience.  It’s like an online dictionary but so much better.

4. Readable

If you need a quick but secure way to know just how readable your written content is, you can upload it to Readable. It will give you an overall score and tell you what group of people does your content fit. Here’s an example of the results:

  • Your text has an average grade level of about 10. It should be easily understood by 15 to 16-year-olds.

Even some employers or professors will ask for a certain Readable score.

5. Evernote

When you’re writing extensively, you have so much on your plate. Different writing tasks require a different type of preparation, research, and ideas. It can easily get mixed up inside your head.

Evernote allows you to organize it all, take smart notes, and include images, PDFs, links, scans, and everything else you need for your next writing project.

6. Writers Diet Test

Upload your content, and the test will analyze and point out to:

  • be-verbs
  • zombie nouns
  • prepositions
  • ad-words
  • it, this, that, there

It’s a different kind of writing app, which is why it can seriously contribute to your content quality.

7. Feedly

If you’re a writer in a certain niche or industry, one of your tasks is to keep track of the news, events, and happenings within your niche. Feedly allows you to find the right sources of information and keep track of them. It removes the content you don’t care about.

8. Google Keyword Planner

When you’re writing content for social media, blogs, or websites, you need to find the right keywords for SEO optimization. This free tool lets you find the keywords you need easily and quickly.

9. Draft

Draft is a tool that has numerous features writers love. It allows you to track your daily writing progress, collaborate with other writers just like on Google Docs, leave comments, and make edits. It’s has a simple interface and is super-easy to use.

10. Canva

Your written content will sometimes need a bit of visual polishing. For example, your CV needs minor visual elements that will make it more effective and unique. Canva is a free graphic design app that you can use to add any type of visual elements to your content and make it stand out.

Final Thoughts

Writing is both a creative and strategic process. That means that no matter what type of writing you’re doing, the apps listed above can be of huge assistance to you. Use them to boost your writing and show off your best creative skills.