Stay in Touch with Fashion Trends Through Style Apps 2017

The world today is moving at a fast pace and technology has taken the people to a new level where everything has been taken care of digitally. Apps on fashion and style provide an in-depth detail of designs of dresses that are stylish and trendy and people are following to keep up with the fashion and make a style statement. Some of the fashion and style apps are discussed as under, especially new ideas for next generation girls and women:Fashion Trends Through Style Apps 2017

Stylish Dress Designs:
Stylish Dress DesignsThe app created by brilliant innovators has a huge collection of dress designs suitable to women, young girls, men and ladies as well as mothers. The designs are vibrant and classy, which often show a fusion of western and eastern style. Men’s kurtas and shalwar kameez designs are displayed for Eid, weddings, parties, formal and casual lunches and dinners, traditional festivities etc. The style of the kurtas and shalwar kameez are latest and trendy with a touch of embroidery on the ban and front of the garment exuding a formal hint. Women kurtas and shalwar kameez designs are also displayed according to the occasion like Eid, weddings, bridal lehnga designs are also presented in numbers to choose the style of your choice, and the color combinations are according to the latest trend.[adsense] The designs of lawn prints with slight embroidery and cut work are also a part of the dresses available. The formal wear includes designs of chiffon dresses with heavy embroidery as well as beadwork that stand out from ordinary designs. The casual designs are composed of silk tunics with latest prints give a good reason to follow the trend. Overall the app is packed with the fashionable dress designs not available in any other app but is present exclusively in this app.

Jewelry Designs 2016:
Jewellery Designs 2016The app is designed by brilliant innovators containing a wide range of latest and trendy jewelry designs that can be magnified for a proper closer look. The designs include gold and diamond ring designs, wedding and engagement ring designs, bridal jewelry sets, casual and formal wear, as well as bangles of gold, gold earrings available separately, diamond earrings are also in demand and women prefer to wear intricate and delicate jewelry. The bridal set designs are matched according to the wedding dress such as beads of the color of the dress can be added to the jewelry such as necklace, earring and the ring which would look stylish and trendy. The casual wear is composed of gold earrings with a ring that is of a normal size not very large and hanging but sticking to the ear. The app is a powerhouse of jewelry designs and has been given positive feedback by the users worldwide.

Mehndi Designs 2016
Mehndi Designs 2016The app developed by brilliant innovators has a whole wide range of mehndi designs for kids, young girls, ladies and mothers. Women of the south Asian countries like to adorn their hands with mehndi and the designs should be intricate and delicate to begin with. The app includes mehndi designs for Eid, weddings, parties, casual and formal family lunches and dinners as well as traditional festivals. The designs cater to brides as it has become a custom to adorn the hands and feet of the bride with mehndi on her wedding day. The designs include Pakistani mehndi designs, indian mehndi designs, Bridal mehndi designs, party mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs, traditional mehndi designs and many more. The app also has a zoom in and out feature to take a closer look at the design, as well as the designs can be added to the favorites by tapping on the star button and add the design of your choice to the favorites. The app also offers designs to be kept as wallpapers on the phone screens for big fans of mehndi. The app has all what it takes to be an amazing app and has been receiving positive reviews from the users worldwide.

Check the above-mentioned apps to follow the latest trends of dress designs, jewelry designs and mehndi designs. These apps have made the life of girls and women easy as they are available at a single click.