Solutions to Recover Data after Factory Reset Android

Recover Data after Factory Reset Android

Sometimes, you may forget to back up your important Android data in advance. Thus, you will want to retrieve Android data after factory reset. Is it possible? On the surface, all of your Android data are removed from your device. However, the fact is that if these original data are not overwritten by new data, you can use a piece of professional Android data recovery software to retrieve data after factory reset Android. In this case, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is a good option.Recover Data after Factory Reset Android

How to Recover Data after Factory Reset Android

MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android is an Android data recovery tool which can be used to recover deleted or lost data such as messages, photos, contacts, videos, and more from Android phone and tablet with its two recovery modules: “Recover from Phone” and “Recover from SD-Card”.

As long as the original data are not overwritten by new data, you can use this software to get your Android data back after factory reset. Thus, just stop using your Android device as soon as possible if you want to do Android data recovery after factory settings.

This software can be operated on Windows 10/8.1/8/7, and its Free Edition allows you to recover ten pieces of one type data each time. So, you can download this freeware and install it to your computer to have a try first.

At the same time, there are two other things you should know: you have to root your Android device before using this software, and you should close any other Android management software when you are using this software.

When everything is prepared, you can connect your Android device to the computer and open this software to recover your Android data. The operations are very simple. Please see the following contents:[adsense]

To restore Android data after the factory reset, you should select the “Recover from Phone” module from the software’s main interface. Then, the wizards will lead you to enter the interface as follows. On this interface, you can select the data types you want to recover.

When you enter the scan result interface, you can choose the data you want to recover and find a proper location on the computer to save these data.

After these simple steps, your Android data will be recovered to the computer. Can data be recovered after factory reset Android? This way is feasible.

Moreover, you should know that this Free Edition has some limitations. For example, you can only recover ten pieces of one type file each time. If you want to recover more data without limitations, please check the advanced versions from the official website.

Some Reasons to Perform a Factory Reset

When you decide to use the factory reset option, you must want to achieve some aims. So, what are the purposes of this option? We sum up some reasons which are encountered by many Android users. Please see the following contents:

1. When you want to fix a malfunctioning Android device, you can choose to restore the device to factory settings, and then use it as a new one.
2. Your Android device may be attacked by the virus. However, you are unable to remove the virus after using the antivirus software. In this situation, you can utilize this factory reset function to eliminate this issue.
3. When you are using your Android device, you must change some of the default settings more or less. After a while, you may still want to use the classical default settings. Then, the factory reset option is your good and fast choice to achieve this aim.
4. As time goes on, the memory space on your Android device will be less and less. Then, you can perform a factory reset function to clear its space.
5. When you want to sell or give away your old Android device, you’d better remove all of your personal information and files from the Android device to protect your privacy. Thus, the factory reset is the best way for you to do this.

Obviously, after the factory reset, all of the original data on your Android device will be deleted. So, if there are some important data on your Android device, we suggest you are backing up your Android data before factory reset to keep your data safe.


Factory reset can solve a lot of problems for you. But can data be recovered after factory reset Android? When you are facing this issue, you can ask an Android data recovery tool for help. Generally speaking, if these data are not overwritten by new data, Android data recovery software can do this job for you. Finally, hope this article is useful to help you out.