Six Amazing Acupressure Methods Using a Clothespin

Acupressure is a Five thousand year old Chinese healing system of acupuncture. It makes use of the same points and Chinese as those used by acupuncturists, but the difference is that no needles are needed. By using pressure on the correct points many problems can be reduced, pain can he relieved, the period of many diseases and malfunctions can he put right. Also, the effects of stress, anxiety, depression and tension can he desolated.Six Amazing Acupressure Methods A Clothespin can take care of all your little aches and pains in a matter of minutes. The reflexologist “Helen Chin Lu has developed a therapy that uses clothespin to put pressure on six points on the ear. Try it out yourself, surely you will be amazed.

Six Amazing Acupressure Ayurvedic Methods:

First Point:Acupressure  First PointBack and Shoulders, To relieve tension, place cloths pin on this point for about a minute.
Second Point:Acupressure Second PointInner Organs, This point can relieve light pain and discomfort.[adsense]
Third Point:Acupressure Third PointJoints, This Point can relieve pain or stiff joints.
Fourth Point:Acupressure Fourth PointThroat and sinuses, Putting pressure on this point can relieve swelling of the sinuses caused by a cold.
Fifth Point: Acupressure Fifth PointDigestion, Helpful for stomach pain or cramps, applying pressure here can also have a preventative effect.
Sixth Point:Acupressure Sixth PointHeart and Head, This point helps to keep your heart healthy and can relive light headaches.