Most Effective Remedy for Major Thalassemia Patients

Thalassemia is one of the major disease in which liver is unable to produce fresh blood. To complete the requirement of blood in the human body, its patients are always dependent on donors. The majority of its patients is needed bloods in every single week. Difficulties will also occur when the requisite blood group is not available by the donors. In simple words, patients are totally dependent and needs a special cure.Remedy for Major Thalassemia

The relation between Parents is the most important with respect to this bad disease. Through recent surveys of its patients, one and common thing has to be noted that the parents are cousins. If both the cousins are suffering with Minor Thalassemia. then their baby have 95% chances of Major Thalassemia. To avoid this thing, in the first three months of pregnancy, a medical course is also introduced. However, some people don’t have any idea about aforesaid risk.

Types of Thalassemia:

There are two types of thalassemia, here we only enlisted the names which are:
Major Thalassemia. (totally depends on donors).
Minor Thalassemia. (Blood could be produced).[adsense]

Ingredient:berberis aristata

General Name is Berberis aristata, also known as Indian Barberry. The herb has yellowish colored rout. It is available through all over the world. In Pakistan, Berberis aristata is known as SIMBLO or SIMLO. It is available in Northern areas of the country.

Remedy Prescription:

Just take some Berberis aristata routes. Now dry these routes in shadow (not in sunshine). After drying process the route’s becomes more yellowish. Now grind this yellowish route, you will find powder form. Now make zero sized capsule by this yellowish powder. Take one capsule in morning and one capsule in evening on a daily basis. The other diseases which will be cured by “Berberis aristata” are Cancer, Chest cancer, High blood Pressure, Kidney Pain Relief, Hepatitis A, B & C.