What to Know About Vaping Before You Start

It’s naturally going to be tempting to get into vaping for some people due to the sheer amount of exposure that one can experience. It’s a popular activity, and with the connotations of it being less harmful to you than smoking, there’s also less regulation and shame surrounding it – pile on the sweet and colorful flavors that are attached to vaping and it becomes clear to see that it’s been designed to be appealing in this way.

Still, it’s worth making yourself understand as much as you can about the field of vaping before you try it for yourself, as doing so can help you to vape responsibly.

The Options

There are so many types of vape and so many different tastes and flavors and even types of cartridges – where does one begin? If you do have friends who vape, this might be an easier question to answer as you can simply ask their advice or use the brands that they use. Even then, though, there might be issues to make yourself aware of so you don’t end up blindly using a product without thinking it through first.

This might be most notable when referring to disposable vapes – the kind that are seeing bans in some parts of the world due to the environmental impact that they’re having. Looking instead to Smoko ecigs online can help you find a reusable vape battery system that will not be banned, and looking at reviews and online testimonies might be able to help you identify one that’s right for you from there.

The Health Implications

A lot of the research surrounding vaping is very new, and that means that there hasn’t been enough time to properly dive into the long-term health risks associated with it in the same way that has been possible with smoking. That being said, there is ample research to suggest that vaping is a much healthier alternative to smoking, and that might be enough for some people who are considering it as a way to cut down on cigarettes. As with anything, though, moderation is important and taking up vaping might also mean developing a healthy lifestyle around its use – something that might begin with choosing a vape that gives you more control over what you put in it.


This can be applied in two different areas – how vapes are legally regulated in the country you find yourself in and how you regulate your own vape usage. The local laws for vaping might relate to which types are legal and where it’s legal to vape – which can lead to some confusion due to the potential overlap or lack of overlap with similar smoking laws. In regards to your own regulation, though, it can be difficult to do that when it’s so accessible, especially if you don’t feel as though the health risks would be as bad as something like smoking. Therefore, working to treat it as something that you occasionally do, and maybe taking a break from in the same way that you would a cigarette, might help you to recognize it as a ‘treat’ rather than a constant addition to your life.

Putting yourself in an informed position before you start something new is always advisable, especially when you’re curious about health associations and the legality surrounding something like this. However, with that information in hand, you’re able to start cultivating your own path towards taking up vaping, if you so choose, and forming your own opinions and experiences.