Professional Portrait Retouching And Restoration Using CPAC Imaging


CPAC Imaging v1.0 is a small and little but Professional results to retouch, restore, repair, refresh, renew, rejuvenate your portraits. It is a standalone application so no need Adobe Photoshop or third party graphics software. CPAC Imaging’s warping tool help you to change facial expressions naturally, such as an open mouth to a closed one, a narrower chin or wider eyes even add a smile.CPAC-Imaging-Pro- Its colonization tool help you to applies color to the gray areas, converting any black and white image into a true color image.

With Skin color method you can adjustment that lightens or tones complexion, adds a healthy suntan, or brightens dark or shadowed areas of the face or body and skin texture editing which deletes blemishes automatically to remove freckles, moles, acne, birthmarks, even heavy wrinkles or can reduce dark lines around the eyes. Brush tool that modifies selected areas without changing skin texture. Also many other capabilities include change of attire, background and scenery; soft filter, sepia tone and image sharpening. Supported all Microsoft windows, window 2000, XP, Windows vista and windows 7.[adsense]


CPAC-Imaging-Pro-v.1.0Download and unpack RaR File. It is Portable and full version so no need to installation.