Control Your Home Lighting From Remote Switches And Smartphones

Now you can control the Bulb of your house from remote switches and Your Smartphone and no need to get up and switch on/off the lights yourself now. The Insteon LED Bulb is the world’s first remote controlled bulb that can be controlled from your smartphone, wall keypads or even your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. These LED light bulb glows as brightly as a conventional 60W-100W incandescent bulb while only consuming 8W and its maximum life is 52,000 hours. Besides this, you can check these LED Rope Lights to decorate the exterior of your house to make it more presentable at night.

About Insteon Technology:

INSTEON company was established in 1992 and now they are the world’s largest, award-winning home control automation technology provider. They provide remote control and automation to lighting, appliance and home control applications of all types. More detail and buy INSTEON’s products from