Precious Electronics tools collection

Electronics tools

Now and in the future Electronics is an important department which control the physical world. Basically electronic devices convert the physical world to electronic signals where some process is applied to these electronic signals and then they are converted back to the physical world where we can see the outcome of the process. Below are some precious Electronics tools collection for Electronic learners.Electronics tools Below are some precious Electronics tools collection for Electronic learners.

1- 555 Timer v 4.10 : This program allows you to calculate Resistor and Capacitor values for both Astable and Monostable modes. Please note that this program was written using Visual Basic 4.0 Therefore it requires the Visual Basic 4.0 Runtimes.555-Timer-v-4.102- Electronicalc Ohm’s Law calculator: A simple little Ohm’s Law calculator – input two of the known values (power, voltage, current, resistance) and get the last two calculated. Might be handy for quick calculations  has been for me, anyway.

Electronicalc-Ohms-Law-calculator3- Electronics Assistant v 4.1: Electronics Assistant is a Windows program that performs electronics-related calculations. It includes a resistor colour code calculator, resistance, capacitance and power calculations and more. Details of calculations can be saved or printed. It provides all the functions found in the calculators section of this site and more in a stand-alone user friendly program.

Electronics-Assistant-v-4.14- Filter Design v 4.4:Offers several new features, and has STATISTICAL ANALYSIS. It designs resistive ATTENUATORS. It has several powerful TRANSFORMATIONS and It also has a giant HELP system

Filter-Design-v-4.45- Power Supply Calculator 2.071[adsense]Power-Supply-Calculator-2.0716- Resistor workshop v 1.01: Is Program is an extremely handy tool for finding standard values of resistance to meet a specific need. This software is especially geared towards calculating values for voltage devider circuits.

resistor-workshop-v-1.017- Schematic Symbol Reference 1.0: This is an offline version of the Schematic Symbol Reference. It contains all the same info, but is a standalone program that requires no Internet connection to run. This will run under Windows 95, Windows 98 and NT4 Server and Workstation.

Schematic-Symbol-Reference-1.08- Wire Gauge Calculator: UltraCAD?s freeware calculator will do gauge conversions and PCB trace resistance calculations for you. Complete info can be found at the manual included at the downloadable zip file.