How To Blocked Adultery Pages And Links On Your Facebook

Today on Facebook This measure has been adopted to promote immorality that, if you like it to open a new page that is associated with a porn site which came on dirty wallpaper on your Home Page appears and cause of your bad image to others.

Facebook unwanted pages

Let how to block porn sites and pages using some simple steps. If you think that there is a web site on your homepage, your friends will think about you. If you set the privacy settings appropriately and you use Facebook wisely you shouldn’t run into security issues.

Simple steps to Block Facebook unwanted pages

1- Open your Facebook Home Page and click Star option.

Facebook unwanted pages (2) [adsense]2- Then select “Timeline Setting ” option.
3- Now click ” APPS ” option from your left side penal.

Facebook unwanted pages (3) 4- Now click Edit option from Instant Personalization setting.

Facebook unwanted pages (4) 5- Now you click close and unchecked option under the Enable Instant personalization on partner websites.

Facebook unwanted pages (5) 6- Then you can click Continue to close window and done.

This way you can get rid of porn and bad websites….. Please comments will surely come if you like.