Over 600 Portable Freeware Tech Related programs Ready To Use From One Menu Launcher Utility


GEGeek Toolkit is a complete collection of over 600 Tech Related Free Programs and all accessible from one Menu Launcher Utility. All the programs will automatically Updated planned for once per month. Also, you can run all contained on a Flash Drive for travel. Easily customize the entire program to make it your own and add/delete programs manually. Latest version have Windows 10 Quick Configuration, Executable, Registry Mods, all accessible right from the menu and adding more all the time.GEGeek-Toolkit

How To Use GEGeek Toolkit:

1. After downloading you first need to unzip files to the root of any drive.
2. Now launch “GEGeek Toolkit.exe” from within the GEGeek Toolkit directory.
3. Then right click gray icon in task bar and click “Run Ketarin Update” from GEGeek menu.
4. After the Ketarin program click select “Update All” and wait till updated completed.
5. When finished – Close Ketarin and GEGeek Toolkit. Then relaunch Toolkit and test.
6. Note “Run Ketarin Update” once per week.[adsense]GEGeek Toolkit

If you like this program then download link and directions from: www.gegeek.com