Now You Can Easily Create Your Own Radio Station And Can Do Live Show

Nowadays, all you have to know about web radios. When you go on this web site is running radio show, and as we hear FM on your iPhone, of course, they do show that FM is a complete studio. There are many instruments. But we are talking web radio, are available on the website of the radio, the radio is playing. If you like it then you have to take stream hosting, which will have to pay money. I will tell you where your website would be to register a free stream hosting you can get, and with the help of a software can create their own radio station.

Your Own Radio Station

How To Create Your Free Radio Station

1- Method is that, first of all register free stream hosting site account. Because when you talk to your computer or play any audio file on the site, they will come back, or audio hosting site for all your become friends of this site will help. The website name is, click on this link to open the website.[adsense]

Your Own Radio Station_2

2- Create an account on this website then install the software on a computer which will connect with the site. If you see the screenshot below to understand, Sam Broadcaster of the software which you can download from this link SAM Broadcaster LITE.

3- The link above will now Sam Broadcaster software download and install them. Open the software and screen shots below to help make the radio station.

Your Own Radio Station_3

If you need any kind of help can ask me in  comments.