Next Generation An Easy And Quickest Way To Save Web Files To Clouds

Ballloon is the quickest way, one click way to save web files to clouds. This surely improves humans’ productivity. You do not get up early but you are running to the bus. When you see something cool things on a web, you have to download it first and then you can upload them to the clouds like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. This is absolutely not cool at all, and it is a waste of time for sure. Why not save files directly from the web to clouds? Ballloon helps, this idea is worth being spread wide. And it is a little bit cool that we’ve already had our first 10 thousand installations.Ballloon[adsense]

Ballloon Chrome extensionwill help you collect your favorite images, pics, pdf files and links direct to your Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box. Web based application Ballloon is a Chrome extension and you can easily installed from : Chrome Webstore