Microsoft Announced Windows 10 And This OS Will Operate With All Systems

Microsoft expects the name of its next operating system rather than Microsoft Windows 9, Microsoft Windows 10 is kept. According to Microsoft, all devices like (desktop Windows, Mobile phones, tablets, smart TV, etc.) instead of separately for the Windows operating system, the same operating system will be available.Microsoft Windows 10


It would be the biggest advantage of Windows software will run on mobile. Microsoft Windows 10 applications will be available through the Windows App Store. Those applications will be able to work on all types of devices. Video players, Games, Document Readers, Email clients etc. will be available on the App Store. Windows 10 Technical Preview is out and you can download it here. Windows 10 Technical Preview 64 BitWindows 10 Technical Preview 32 Bit. You may have to wait several weeks or months to check a fully functional Windows 10.