MpDataCalc Portable – A Free Multipurpose Data Calculator

MpDataCalc (Multipurpose Data Calculator) is a multipurpose records switch calculator which can be used to calculate transfer speed or information length or time using any combination. it’s miles a complete computer calculator for home windows. Given that the appearance of DSL inside the domestic One thing that was frequently bothersome was the process of estimating the total time it will take to download a file of a certain size, given a constant download speed.Multipurpose Data CalculatorEven more so, partly due to significant user bandwidth control, calculating the velocity that should be allotted to download a document of a specified size in a set time duration became necessary. Bored via the repeated calculations, the want for a few software programs emerged that might do the task. One or two software already made do calculate time. But now not the opposite options. Consequently, it changed into time to sweep up the programming competencies and create such a software program. The result is a calculator, which is known as MpDataCalc (Multipurpose information Calculator), which can calculate pace, time and statistics length – given any two of the variables. [adsense]Functions:
• Calculates speed of data transfer, given data size and time.
• Calculates volume or size of data that will be transferred, given a specific speed and time duration.
• Calculates time required to download/upload a file of a given size at a specified transfer speed.