Most wanted Electronics testing tools


Electronics is the branch of science and technology that deals with electrical circuit involving active electrical components. Below are the best collection of Electronics testing tools for beginners and experts. All applications are portables and no need to install in your PC. I personally checked all tools and work fine in Windows XP and windows 7. All testing tools required your PC sound card. I hope you can like and enjoy with these tools.Electronics-testing-tools

* Digital Multimeter:
Digital Multimeter give you a unique circuits test and much information about electronics. -Whether digital or analog multimeters, any electrical tasks wouldn’t be possible without this handy device. It’s a staple tool in every electrician’s tool kit

*BIP Oscilloscope:

BIP Oscilloscope is a digital audio osclloscope for MM sound cards.BIP-Oscilloscope-v3.0* Frequency Counter:Frequency Counter is a lightweight virtual digital frequency meter program, lead a sound card can be easily tested circuit frequency.

Frequency-Counter-v1.01* Oscilloscope for Windows:Oscilloscope for Windows uses the sound card as an analog-to-digital converter, providing complete oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer functionality in Windows95 environment.

Osciloscope-v2.51* Sine Wave Generator:Sine Wave Generator is use as references or test waveforms by many circuits. It is a pure sine wave has only a single or fundamental frequency ideally no harmonics are present.[adsense]

Sine-Wave-Generator* Sound Frequency Analyzer:Sound Frequency Analyzer best program  which measures the frequency of input through sound card.

Sound-Frequency-Analyzer* Spectrogram version:It is a freeware dual channel audio spectrum analyzer for Windows 95/98/NT which can provide either a scrolling time-frequency display or a spectrum analyzer scope display in real time for any sound source connected to your sound card.



Most wanted Electronics testing tools