Microsoft Office Alternative – Free LibreOffice

Microsoft Office is a most popular software, which has a large number of users. Microsoft Office is a costly software and a large part of Microsoft’s earnings comes from selling Microsoft Office. That’s why Microsoft also is working hard to add new features to it. Just as Microsoft’s alternative to Linux is available free in many formats, Similarly, Microsoft office alternatives are available and this free version is no less than Microsoft Office in any way. He has been developing very professionally.Free LibreOffice

LibreOffice and OpenOffice are the most prominent in the software that are named as Microsoft’s alternatives. History of LibreOffice is not too old. Its first version was released in 2011. Since then, several versions have been released. It’s free and also open source. It can also be used on Linux and Mac OS in addition to Microsoft Windows. It has six applications, Writer for Word Processing, Calc for Spreadsheets, Impress to create Presentations, base for Math and Database to write Draw, Mathematics and Sciences Formula as Microsoft Alternatives. Documents developed in Microsoft Office can be opened in LibreOffice.[adsense]Free LibreOffice (2)

Another alternative to the Microsoft Office is also the Apache OpenOffice. LibreOffice is actually the changed form of open office and its history is thirty years old. Oracle donated to the Open Office Project Apache Foundation in 2011. Since then, the entire development of the Open Office Foundation has been doing only the Apache Software Foundation. It also has six programs like LibreOffice and their names are the same, those who are in LibreOffice. Both of these software do not have much difference because a large part of both source code is the same. LibreOffice is liked because of an effort to be more quickly and more efficiently. Download free from its official website: