World’s First Wind-Free Air Conditioner is Introduced in Pakistan

The country’s leading consumer electronics brand, Samsung has announced to introduce the world’s first wind-free air conditioner. Using a special wind-free cooling technology in its innovative design, the new series of air conditioners will provide users with a cool air and energy saving, without cool air. Wind-free room air conditioner has used the world’s first 8-pole Digital Inverter. Air conditioned temperature control is controlled by Wind-free Good Sleep Mode, which produces an ideal environment for better night sleep without cool air flow.Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner

Samsung Wind-free Air Conditioner’s Amazing Features:

Cool air is transported through 21,000 micro airways. The world’s first 8-pole provide 72% energy savings compared to digital intersection models. This air conditioner maintains the desired temperature without repeatedly turning off, so it is silent, more durable and efficient. The two stage cooling mode cools the air quickly, and automatically changes the wind-free mode to maintain the temperature. 8-pole Digital Inverters Technology helps to cool air by 43% quickly, and its unique design extensively extends the air into the room. Amazingly “smart home” feature enables consumers to control air conditioners and schedule operations via WI-Fi applications. It also offers live feedbacks for users to run, monitors, and limit the use of air conditioners. The air conditioner’s “Easy Filters” maintain clean and healthy air, which prevent dust, dangerous ingredients and allergies from joining the air. The Ionizer included in this reduces harmful viruses and bacteria up to 99 percent.[adsense]Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner

“Easy Filter Plus” is mounted out on top, so that they can easily be cleaned and re-opened without opening the cover. These anti-bacterial coating filters prevent dust, ingredient components and allergies. Samsung’s air conditioners are able to achieve long-term performance, and the “Triple Protector Plus” stops the overload without the voltage stabilizer. While this air conditioner can tolerate tough environmental conditions. The world’s first wind-free air conditioner eliminates the problems of low-cooling and electricity bills in warm weather. It also provides an extraordinary cooling and also guarantees energy saving.

You can buy this product both online and offline, one ton Samsung air conditioner price is 75,000, 1.5 ton Samsung air conditioner price is 100,000 and 2 tons Samsung air conditioner price is 101,000 rupees.