Microsoft has Announced The Windows 10 Release Date To Be 29th July 2015

Microsoft proclaimed the Windows 10 are free to customers on July 29, 2015 as a part of a free upgrade supply and with new PCs. Windows users will automatically register to receive the free update on their existing PCs. If you are using a Windows 7, 8 or Windows 8.1 based PC, you must notice a Windows flag icon in your system receptacle beginning nowadays. this can be the Windows 10 reservation launcher. According to Microsoft this offer is only available for one year from the release of Windows 10 and, so those reserving an upgrade can cancel it at any time.Windows 10 Release Date Announced

Major features of upcoming Windows 10:

[adsense]1- The new internet browser Microsoft Edge built into Windows 10 give users to enjoy web sites much easier.
2- New Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Mail & Calendar apps included.
3- Cortana first truly personal digital assistant and will help you get things done.
4- New Xbox App will bring better game experiences to Windows 10 on your Surface.
5- Windows Hello is a new feature that greets you by name and with a smile and secure access to your Surface.
6- Built on Microsoft Office 2016 full desktop version added.
7- Windows Continuum is an important feature for Surface users as it will allow you Surface to elegantly transition from tablet to desktop and back.

Microsoft executive Terry Myerson made this announcement on this blog post: