Makkays is a leading Information Technology Company in Pakistan and established in 1982. Its headquarter is in Islamabad and its branches are in Karachi,Lahore Peshawar, Multan and Faisalabad. They offers IT software services to clients based on a detailed software engineering process. They provide the best products and solution of branded electronic, electromechanical, power and communication technology related components and products.Makkays-stal[adsense]

Employer Type Information & Communication Technology, Electrical & ,Electronics
Headquarters Islamabad , Pakistan
Official Website
Technologies Microsoft .Net Technologies, PHP, ASP, MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle
Certifications ISO 9001.
Job Posts
Address 42 Kulsum Plaza,
Jinnah Avenue,
Islamabad – Pakistan
Tel/Fax +92-51-111-100-800, +92-51-2653711

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  1. Online Ups (Commercial ,Industrial Ups & Medical Grade Ups)
    Single Phase & Three Phase Ups
    Double Conversion & Delta Conversion Online Ups System 1kva to 800kva Imported Series

    Power Line Conditioners
    (Single Phase & Three Phase Auto And Isolated) 2kva to 300kva

    Ups Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    1kva to 10kva Built-In Stabilizer & Hybrid

    Solar System 1kw to 50kw
    Solar Panel (European Brands)


    Stabilizer/AVR (Single Phase & Three Phase) 2kva to 300kva

    Isolation Transformer (Single Phase & Three Phase) 2kva to 40kva

    Hybrid Solar System Pure Sine Wave Built-In Stabilizer & Solar Charger

    Patrol Pumps Dispensers Solar Systems

    Telecom BTS Hybrid Solar Solution 1kw to 15kw
    Telecom Tower Inverter / UPS
    Telecom Rectifiers 48V / 24V / 110V

    System Capacities
    24 Volts DC – 30 Amp to 100 Amp
    48 Volts DC – 30 Amp to 100 Amp

    UPS Range:
    Online Low Frequency UPS (With transformer): External Battery
    Online High Frequency UPS (Without transformer): built-in or external battery available
    Single Phase: 1kva, 2kva, 3kva,6kva,10kva,15kva,20kva,30kva
    3/1 Phase: 10kva,15kva,30kva,30kva,40kva
    3/3 Phase: 10kva, 15kva, 20kva, 30kva, 40kva, 60kva, 80kva, 100kva,
    120kva, 150kva, 160kva, 200kva, 250kva, 300kva, 350kva, 400kva, 600kva

    Offline UPS: 400va, 450va, 500va, 600va, 650va, 700va, 750va, 800va,
    1000va, 1200va, 1500va, 2000va, 3000va(1-3kva both built-in and external
    battery available)

    Applied Scope:

    Industrial Automatic Control
    Medical Equipment
    Office Automation
    Production Equipment
    Electronic & Telecom
    Aeronautics & Astronautics
    Army Technology
    Securities System

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