Lifestyle Gadgets we can’t Live Without


Some people can’t live without sports. Others love their music too much. But irrespective of your likes and dislikes, it’s becoming harder to avoid technological influence, and why should you? We are living at a time when tech gadgets can totally change the way you experience life. From brushing your teeth to your security on a motorbike, there are gadgets that can make life better for you cosmograph daytona. Below are some of these gadgets.bestreviews

Smart Lights

A mobile app is all you need to control your home’s lighting system. Light up your home remotely before you arrive. Dim some lights or power them off without having to locate switches. The best lights also change colors and brightness levels. You can adjust them depending on whether you want to cook, watch movies or read.

Philips was the first major brand to introduce smart bulbs but now Ikea and several others have these lights. Philips lights can be controlled in several ways besides an app. If you have Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s Home kit or Google Home, you can make commands to your lights using your voice.

Smart Voice Speakers

If you plan on buying lifestyle gadgets that can be controlled remotely, invest in home voice speakers. Google Home replaces your desktop, at least in part. Just the way you would search anything online, you can search items with the voice speaker.

Simply ask Google home about weather news in your area and it will respond. Amazon’s Alexa helps you shop online and access most Amazon services. Prime members, for instance, can listen to music selected by Alexa. You can command the speaker to play a movie on Prime Video and it will respond.

Compared to smart lights, smart voice speakers are cheaper. Philips’ Hue smart lights cost $199 for four lights. You also have to spend about $100 ore for installation. By contrast, Google Home costs $129 while Amazon’s Echo costs $99.

Night Guide Glasses

Night vision glasses are becoming increasingly popular as people invest more in their driving safety. Designed to resemble sunglasses, night vision guides are fitted with paints that reflect light beams from oncoming cars away from you as you drive.[adsense]

Most night glasses are light and feature an amber tint. Yellow and amber colors are believed to reduce glare and enhance contrast more effectively. When shopping for the glasses, make sure they are polarized and have wide viewing angles. Compare prices on review websites like , and only pick the best-rated items.

Smart Health watch

A large display, heartbeat sensors, can calculate calories burned—why don’t you have a smartwatch yet? If you exercise regularly, a smartwatch can replace your mobile apps and still offer the same functionalities.
Smart watches are different and you can find one that finds whatever health or lifestyle needs you may have. Apple watch is the biggest gadget in this industry but there are lots of Android alternatives. A standard smartwatch supports the Internet and has lots of interactive apps.

Advanced health watches help check your blood pressure, weight and overall BMI. Regular exercising watches deal with calories burned, distance run and related activities. The watches also have a regular smartphone and watch functionalities. You can make calls using some watches, play online games and do so much more.

A Good Laptop

While iPads have become advanced enough to rival laptops, they have their limitations. If you play video games occasionally, deal with programming and or do graphic designing, you will most likely require a laptop.

The cheapest laptops cost as little as $120 and offer enough functionality to operate Microsoft Office, access the Internet and play simple games. On the downside, many cheap laptops are slow and offer limited storage.
$300 can get you a good Chrome book but it’s also limited to the type of work you can do with it. A standard chrome book features at least 4GB RAM, connects to the WiFi and has processors meant to handle light and medium assignments.[adsense]

The best laptops are expensive but you don’t have to purchase them. Instead, make a few compromises and you may end up with your dream laptop without draining your wallet. If you don’t need 16GB RAM and 1TB storage, find a laptop with lower specs. Also, consider purchasing older model laptops. You could save as much as $300 by avoiding the latest designs.

Instant Mobile Printer

Designed for photo aficionados around the world, mobile printers help you print photos within seconds anywhere you are. The printers are small and light enough to fit a backpack. They are rechargeable using USB cables and can be controlled on any Android or iOS smartphone.

If you love printed photos, you don’t need to wait until you get back home to make copies of your photos. Carry the printer around and you will always be sorted. Apart from photos, mobile printers can also print out work documents. The only drawback is that you get the documents in smaller sizes than the A4 format.

Home Security Gadgets

Smart lights are cool; strangers breaking into your house is not. While you can’t control who tries to burglarize your home, you can help the police identify them by installing smart gadgets around your home.

At the door, install a ring video doorbell. When someone rings it, you get an image of that person in your mobile phone. You can then decide whether to answer the door. Inside your home, install smart surveillance cameras.

Some of the best CCTV cameras have heat sensors and can be titled to increase their coverage. Everything the cameras record can also be forwarded to you by email. Alternatively, the cameras can be connected to alarm systems that go off when they sense unauthorized people around your homestead.

To Conclude

It’s surprising how many cool gadgets are released every year yet people don’t fully utilize them. Of course, we can survive without fancy robot toys but there are plenty of gadgets that could make your life easier.
From the obvious gadgets like smartphones and laptops to Google Home and surveillance cameras, there are devices every home should have. Assess what you need the most now and make an informed purchase.