Leave All Scam SMS Sites And Send Free SMS From Google To All Around The World

You will still see a lot of Web sites. Where you can SMS free. Many of these websites have been closed and there are many who do not work. If there are many send an SMS and SMS is written in the name of the site from which the SMS reader does not feel good. But today I’ll tell you a website where you enjoy free SMS all over the world “very free” I can send. Yes, you can SMS free from “Google.Com”. So now you’re sending an SMS to your mobile when you do not have credit “G-mail can do. You do not even need a mobile SMS your head without even mobile can perform. G-mail is now supporting Mobilink and Ufone Pakistani mobile Networks.

Gmail SMS

Supported countries to send and get free G-mail SMS are Cambodia, Bahrain, Angola, Algeria, Afghanistan, Ghana, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Indonesia, Guinea, Malaysia, Malawi, Kuwait, Kenya, Pakistan, Nigeria, Niger, Mozambique, Morocco, Maldives, Srilanka, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Uganda, Tunisia, Thailand, Tanzania, Vietnam and Zambia. In addition, many countries increasingly are being added rapidly. If your country provided above in your country or even by SMS to your mobile. I hope SMS will be received.[adsense]

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Learn that how Google Free Unlimited SMS can send anywhere in the world.

1- First you open . www.gmail.com

2- Then sign-In your G-Mail account.

3- The left hand side is written as SMS and chat, below the “text box” you click on it.

4- Select your desired mobile network and enter the phone number you want to send an SMS.

5- Type your message in the SMS box and press enter, your message will be sent to your friends or relative mobile phone.

How to Reply your SMS:

SMS as soon as you get to your option and click the Reply “message” please write and send.
Sent to your Mobile SMS G-mail chat will appear. Here you can chat easily.

SMS to Mobile G-mail you when exactly he’s free. But limit 50 is set to send SMS daily.
Mobile SMS Chat with your G-Mail Reply when a mobile charges that will apply.
You do not need to take any subscription.
Send SMS whenever you lose, you will be a credit.
When you reply to your mobile will receive 5 – credits will grow.