Now You Can Control Your Favorite Music And Movies With Your Hand Gestures

Flutter very unique of its kind and most exciting software. Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems with the help of this software you can stop, start, reverse and forward your favorite videos with your Hands. It’s also very easy to use. To use it any more complicated to set up and you do not even need any expensive hardware for the ware is required. More than likely you will come to like you.

Working logic:Flutter

The webcam software with the help of the following notes is the movement of the hand. If you use this software presence webcam is definitely for you will be a very interesting experience.[adsense]

Google Chrome Extension:

Google Chrome browser for this software is also available with an extension of YouTube videos can also be controlled with hand Gestures.


Flutter works with iTunes, Spotify, VLC, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Google Chrome, PowerPoint and keynote. Download free for windows 7 and 8 from: