Latest Educational Stipends for Outstanding Children of the Federal Government Employees


Latest Information about payment of educational stipend for Professional studies of Medical, Engineering, IT and Business studies. Make sure the students have to get minimum passing marks prescribed by the university, college or institute for promotion to next semester/ class/ professional years.Educational-Stipend Eligible educational stipends universities are Virtual University of Pakistan, National University of Science and Technology, Quid-i-Azam University, Comsat University, Wafaqi Urdu University for Arts and Public Sector Universities, Colleges and Institutions approved by the Higher Education Commission.[adsense]

Category and rates of stipends

Category Level Amount Marks
I Intermediate 20,000
60% (BS 1-10 Employees)
70% (BS 11-22 Employees)
II Graduation 24,000 70%
III Post-Graduation 30,000 70%
IV Professional studies 40,000 70%
V Prescribed studies in Public sector universities, Colleges and Instructions

Above category and rates of stipends are effective for payment of stipends for the Year 2020. Maximum two children of serving, retired and deceased employees. You can get the application form for Educational Stipends 2020 from Managing Director FEB & GIF Islamabad and also you can download Application Forms of all categories From: