Delete Facebook Search History And Hide Your Activity From Others

Yet most people do not use Facebook correctly. For example, you should be Facebook Privacy and Security Settings, they do not know anything. He liked to have a lot of pages that are getting their news reach others. Most people on Facebook, we are always looking for names. But those people who share a computer with others, or login their Facebook, and anyone will sit on the computer, then it can can be dangerous.Delete Facebook Search History They all look like this on Facebook, which is recorded in your account. Go to my profile to click an activity log button see it. All of your activities on Facebook as the Likes, comments, shares, etc. There is all posts record here in chronological sequence. Here people can easily know that you liked or commented.Delete Facebook Search History (2)

You can see search activity log is written at the bottom . Click on it and see what you search is on Facebook. This is all the invisible activity that only you can view.[adsense]Delete Facebook Search History (3) But if others have access to the computer, and your Facebook login, so everything can be seen here. It is better that such searches may be difficult for you, they will be deleted from here. If you want to delete the selected search or “Clear Searches” option at the top of all searches can be deleted together.