Indian Young Man Established a New World Record For Fastest Typing With Nose

From the Indian city (Hyderabad), Twenty-three years old young man Mohammad Khursheed Hussain recently made a new world record while typing rapidly through the nose. Khurshid Hussain in front of the media and peoples, it was obvious on the back of his hand, Typing through the nose and write 103 characters with no errors in only 47 seconds by typing successfully launched a new Guinness record. Which they had practiced six hours a day for a long time.Fastest Typing With Nose[adsense]This is not the first time, but also Khursheed Hussain before the English alphabet in 2012 in 3.43 Seconds have set the world record for typing fingers. The world record for typing the fastest nose before was the Indian natives, who in 2008 in Dubai, founded by typing in 1 minute 33 seconds.