Alternative Diabetic Medicine, Will Save Patients From Insulin Injections In The Future

Patients with diabetes takes insulin injections several times a day, and this process continues all life. But after the invention of a new device, it is possible that patients get rid of the pain of injections. Because this tool inhaled insulin in the body would be transferred. After several years of research MannKind Corporation has invented the inhaler, a specific type of insulin that will be used in powder form.Alternative Diabetic medicine[adsense]With the help of this tool need to take insulin only twelve to fifteen minutes of insulin in the body will achieve the desired level, and before a meal or within twenty minutes after eating to be used. FDA approval of new insulin is released with a warning, lung diseases, such as (Asthma), People who suffer from severe cough shower never use it. This type of INSULIN is called (Afrezza).