Increase the Size of Image Upto 400% Without Affecting the Quality

Reducing the size of images, software, applications and online websites you will be seen. But increase the size of images services are extremely rare. The reason is that you have to develop special algorithms to increase the size of images to scale them up. So image quality is extremely impressive and it will be transferred to large size with complete details. To understand correctly often obscure images, we want to increase their size. Increase the Size of Image Upto 400 percent (3)

If it is a graphics software, often affecting image quality. Nowadays, most powerful camera in everyone’s reach. Some time ago, there was a very basic camera in the phone. The images which today is like the thumbnail images. Supported source formats are JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and supported output formats are JPEG, TIFF, PNG. However, if you have (A Sharper Scaling) programs offer their services for free to increase the size of the images.

The following photo techniques are used to bring the size of the program:

  • Pixel repetition.
  • Bilinear interpolation.
  • Bicubic interpolation.[adsense]Increase the Size of Image Upto 400 percentIncrease the Size of Image Upto 400 percent (2)

Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista¹, 7, 8, and 10, To use this program on your computer must be installed .NET Framework 3.5. Also, be sure to read the details on the website before using the program. Downloaded free, this program from the following link: