Improve Your Memory Without Any Medicine and Treatment

Weak memory can lead to hundreds of problems. Sometimes you forget a lot of things to keep them due to mental fatigue or engagement. For example, wallet, keys, pens and other needed items etc. In addition, some of the problem is to remember not to forget, and other information. Because our minds are presented some guidelines for the improvement and development is the most complex because of a complex machine that can improve your memory.Improve Your Memory


  • Always back up your usual habit of early rising early today morning to sleep at night.
  • I would not sleep at night and in the day of bitter mind, but I prefer to sleep again.
  • Quiet sleep is essential to choose the place, because oxygen is necessary for the brain.
  • Early the next morning if I exercise of prayer. Because oxygen is brain food fresh mind during the long breath exercise.
  • The game is interesting not only play games, but are useful for children, but it increases the mental capacity of people of all ages.
  • Games are the best exercise of the brain, so strong mental ability of different and interesting games.
  • Treatment the blood pressure, sugar and mental disorders. It impressed memory.
  • Always good and eat simple food.
  • Write Your diary everyday routines.