How to Use Infinitikloud?


Anyone who works on computers, smartphones, and other devices may have been worried about the backup of their essential data. They often purchase storage devices like USB drives and external hard drives to ensure that they have multiple copies of their essential files. But all of the devices don’t have the power to protect their data storage. If you are also one of them, you can use Infiniti Cloud, which will store your important files and keep them secure.

Infiniti Cloud is a USB backup stick that can store videos, files, pictures, and other essential data. Before buying this USB device, you need to know how to use it. This device is very easy to use. First of all, press and hold the power button for three seconds to turn on the device. After that, customize backup and backup location. Now click on the red or start button, and you are ready to go.

What Is Infinity Kloud Wireless USB Drive

Infiniti Cloud is a USB storage drive that looks like a conventional flash drive. You will find this device as a unique one when you start to use it. If you want to secure your important and private data, you can use the Infiniti Cloud wireless USB device. This USB drive does not require any internet connection to use it. You can set a password to keep your data secured and protected. Using this device is the best decision instead of buying cloud storage because cloud storage is expensive.

Why Choose Infinity Kloud

While observing some articles about  Infinitikloud and photostick test on some websites, I found that Infinitikloud is much better than other USB flash drives. You can choose Infiniti Cloud because of its size and power to protect your files. This USB drive has its own Cloud where the device protects your data against viruses and malware, which feature you will not find in other USB devices.

The reason behind choosing this device is that it can transfer files immediately. With Infinity Kloud, you don’t need to worry about data transfer because it will transfer all your data just in a few seconds. This USB drive has no software that needs to be installed on your PC and other devices. So, choosing Infiniti Cloud will be your best decision.

How to Use Infinity Kloud

Using an Infinite Cloud flash drive is very easy and simple. You just need to follow some instructions and steps. Let me explain how easy it is to use this USB device.

Step 1

First of all, you should press and hold the power button only for three seconds to turn on the device. Now, simply plug in the provided USB device. The Infinity Kloud device will appear in your folders. Open your folder and click on the icon of Infinity Kloud to start up the program. This device is compatible with computer, Mac, and Android 7.0 devices.

Step 2

After connecting the device, you should customize your backup and backup location. To perform the b backup process, press the red Start button on the general tab. This process can take a couple of minutes. It depends on the amount and size of your files and data. You can change the default backup extensions to the Custom screen. You can specify the file locations from which you want to back up your files.

Step 3

With this device, you can set a passcode to protect your backed-up data and files. Create your own passcode, including 4-6 digits. After launching Infiniti Cloud you will be asked to put this passcode. Click on the gear icon and select the passcode setting option. Now toggle the Turn on Passcode switch and include your passcode and click on OK.

Step 4

When you click on the red start button, your backup process starts.  After setting up the passcode the process ends. Now to find out your backed up files you need to go to the “My Files” option. All your files will appear in the same folders and format. You can also clean up your data from the device if you wish.

Technical Benefits of Infiniti Cloud

When you start to use this USB drive, you will find different types of technical benefits. Such as-

  • It keeps auto backup of your files reducing efforts.
  • This USB drive works faster than the other drives.
  • Infinity Kloud provides incredible security and safeguards.
  • It does not require any kind of internet connection.
  • This drive does not charge any monthly fees.
  • You will find huge storage capacity with this drive.
  • Infiniti Cloud comes with money back guarantee.

Technical Features of Infiniti Cloud

This USB drive has several features than the other conventional hard drives which makes it a better option to use. Infiniti Cloud is compatible with all operating systems such as iOS devices, Android, tablets and Windows. This storage option is very secure, cost effective and efficient. Infiniti Cloud comes with-

  • 64GB of storage
  • 3.0 USB speed
  • No internet required
  • Compact design
  • One click option

Quality Features of Infiniti Cloud

Infiniti Cloud comes with lots of quality features. Here I will explain to you the best quality feature of the Infiniti Cloud USB drive. The features are-

1.Universal Compatibility

This flash drive is compatible with all versions of Android, Windows, and iOS that are USB enabled. You can use it on any computer like- desktop, laptop, palmtops and smartphones.

2.Fast and Easy Backup

This feature makes Infiniti Cloud more unique than the other USB drives. It has a modern cloud feature that will enable you to backup automatically.

3.USB 3.0 Support

USB 3.0 is a more advanced and faster version of USB and it can handle higher upload speeds. It utilizes this technology and this device is also recognizable by its signature blue color.[adsense]

4.Light and Portable

Compactness and portability are the most outstanding features of this USB stick. You can slide it into your pocket and can move with it anywhere you want.

5.Choice in Memory

This USB drive provides various memory capacities to suit an individual’s different requirements. You can invest according to your requirements.


Infiniti Cloud is a special USB stick that can secure your backed up files speedly. This drive is super easy to use and it will transfer your files and documents quickly. You can use it with any kind of computer. To meet your storage needs you can use this USB drive.

Hopefully, you have understood the process of using the Infiniti Cloud USB drive after reading this article. Now get this device to store your important files and secure them with the device.