Is the Explore Air Worth It?


The drone is a recent scientific invention to watch over from the sky which is an aerial vehicle without a pilot. The controller stays in the ground and controls the drone. To define the drone, simply you can say that it is a machine to explore the land from the sky. It is the most important vehicle for both the cinema and business industry.

It has some great features to ease your movement, especially for photographers, vloggers, and filmmakers. To enjoy the common advantages of the drone the Explore air is the best. Along with its features and user reviews, it can be said that the explore air is worth the price. 

What Is Explore Air

The Explore air is a high-tech drone at an affordable price. It has the best quality compared to the other drones in the market. Its attractive and unique quality is the fastest charging and flight time. It is a small flying vehicle to discover lands from the sky and creates a nice overall view.  

The Specification Details of the Explore Air

It is a good quality drone that is full of solid features. Moreover, it is most preferable for personal use. Here are the specification details of the Explore air.

  • It is designed with a quadcopter structure with 4 propellers that keep the vehicle steady in the sky.
  • There are three ways to control the drone such as a mobile app, Wifi connection, and a remote controller.
  • The drone has a 6-axis gyro sensor that comes with an easy controller. It has the RTF types kits.
  • Its special features include the 3D stunt, headless mode, air pressure altitude hold, and Wifi FPV option.
  • It has free movement from forward to backward, up and down with a hot point option.
  • Several connectivity channels are available with a wifi control from 80 to 150 meters to control it from a long distance
  • It has the ability to capture an image at a 1200 angle and its tilting capability is 900 which is able to capture the plain landscape from the sky.
  • The limited flying time is 10 to 13 minutes and the battery is a 1000mAh 3.7 VLi-poly modular battery.
  • The product size is 7.87×8.66×1.97 inches weighing 0.4000kgs.

Features of the Explore Air

The explore air grabs so many users’ attention because of its quality and easy controlling system. After great research about its quality and features, I have found some of its key features which are described below.

Hd Quality Camera

This is one of the best qualities of the drone as most of the drone has problems with the camera quality. Because they fly well and have good stability but the camera is a blur. On the other hand, the explore air camera is perfect for photography. Because it has an HD camera installed inside the drone. Its high-resolution camera with 720P is perfect for minor details with clarity and original color which makes the image nice and clean.

Lightning-Fast Charging

The common problem of most drones is the charging problem, that they take a long time to charge. Here is the problem: if it takes half of a day to charge it is really annoying. Because of that most drones go unused. On the other hand, the Explore air charges very fast and takes only 1.5 hours to charge 100% which is not available in any other brand’s drone. You can use the explore air several times a day and charge again.

More Air Time

Most of the drones are limited to their flying time maximum of five minutes then return to the base and charge again to fly. Because of that drones are left unused and this is a waste of money. The explore air has the ability to fly for 13-15 minutes without break.

Long Wifi Distance

The more the Wifi reaches the better control you have which means you can fly the drone further away. You can discover more from the sky with a lengthy wifi connection and be able to capture the amazing landscapes. However, you can see the explore-air user guide for more tips to learn the controls of the drone.

It has an 80-100 meters Wifi reach controlled by the mobile. There is a slot to place the phone with the controller to cap[ture the mind-blowing image.

Tailored Flight Routes

There are limitations on the speed of the flight with a regular function and sometimes they are bored with the average speed. The explore air is full of features and the tailored flight mode is one of the most impressive features. With those features, you can draw a map of the area and set the drone to fly. Moreover, you can set commands for the drone to follow. 

One Key Return

It is tough for the beginner to return the flight to the base and take it off. However, the explore air has a return button, just press the button and it will make a smooth landing to the base.

Foldable Design

If the drones are clunky, sometimes they are complicated to control. But the most important fact is performance. Though everybody wants an easy drone to transport. Explore air is small and easily can transfer from place to place.

Super Easy Controls

Its controls are very simple and easy to learn. It doesn’t take a long time to start flying the vehicle. It has comfortable controls and is easy to take off with a simple button click.[adsense]

Where Can You Buy the Explore Air?

It is better to buy products from the official page of the products. To get authentic products and to avoid untrusty transactions the official page is the best. Therefore visit the Explore air official website and get a promo offer. You may take the offer to buy three and get 2 for free.

Is the Explore Air Worth It

Now it’s time to think, is exploring air worth it? From the above explanation, it is clear that explore air is the best drone to capture images. The Explore air has a long flight time with enough battery life and the fastest charging ability. With the overall fact, it is clear that the explore air is worth the amount you spend.


Making the best photographs from an impossible angle and place but the explore air makes it easy. If you have the right drone you can use it for film production to make an astonishing production to attract people to the screen.

Use the Explore air review, for cinematic shots from the drone with the low budget. All the mind-blowing features such as perfection, Impression, preciseness are the fashion of the explore air.