How To Transfer Your Money Between Payza To Paypal Via MyLot Dot Com

Everyone know there was no solution to convert you money between Payza to Paypal. If you want transfer money between Payza to Paypal transaction then you must use third party website, but there is no guarantee for the transaction. Recently I saw a task from The task creator requires some money to her Payza and it will pay via Paypal. In fact I much fond about mylot tasks and do a lot of tasks there.

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For example after accepted the task you send 1 dollar to your friend via Payza and your friend paid 1.05 dollar via myLot by accepting the task. As we all know myLot is a great legit site and paying without fail. Now you changed your Payza money to paypal via a good site. So my suggestion everyone is, take this kind of tasks from myLot to transfer your PAYZA money to PAYPAL. You will get your money through myLot without any problem. I think it is a good way to transfer your money.[adsense]