How To Run Your Favorite Games Without Graphics Card On Your Computer


Problem is many people that if they run a new game system sets up the graphics card. Graphics card not being much our system can not run this game. The result we …. Graphics card has to be brought. Or we leave the game. Today I’m sharing with you a software that will solve the problem for you. Or software part of your graphics card RAM will change.RAM-Into-Graphic-Card- For example, if you have a graphics card with 1GB RAM, it will change MB128. When that balance will be used as 872 MB Ram. And you easily can run latest games on your computer. 3D-Analyze is therefore a very nice tool for benchmarking. I hope you will like this free software.

How to use 3D-Analyze:

1- please extract the file first, by clicking to select the game to run or software that you can select.
2- Now write vendor id and device id, 1GB Ram slightly Vendor and Device id 592 id 4318 can enter.
3- Now click Create Batch File, Your batch file will be created. Now open the file, the better it will be before your graphics.[adsense]

RAM Into Graphic Card (2)

Download this free application from :