How To Protect Mobile Phone From Being Damaged if It Fell Into The Water

Nowadays, mobile phone has become everyone’s need. As mobile phone has many facilities, but also due to a defect has to face the problem. Today I will tell you the solution of this problem which almost every mobile phone user almost has to face at some time. If your mobile phone accidentally falls into the water, for that I am giving some tips, which will be useful for you.

Follow Below Tips:
1- If your mobile phone is dropped in water, or if the work is first and foremost, it immediately out of the water without having to press any button, pull the battery. After removing the battery cell body, and all parts of the pad to thoroughly clean dry cloth.
2- If your mobile fluid other than water if I fell out battery cell wash with normal water, the water would not cause any damage to your mobile. However, any liquid can be harmful.
3- Now you will need to become a well-closed vessels. Put the rice in a pot and then put it well Turn Mobile.
4- The vessel is very important to the well so that the rice will absorb the moisture present in the cell, not the external air to dry it.
5- Keep your mobile in the rice pot for at least 24 hours.
6- 24 hours after the appointed time, the battery should be removed mobile from the vessel, start it and enjoy.