Amazing Wall Machine Which You Can Create a Fake Facebook Wall

You will often see posts on Facebook lattice humor. If you wish, you can easily create a similar post. Just log in with your Facebook ID and then before you’ll post a sample, you can edit it as you like. Your Profile Picture can be selected by clicking on the picture, can upload a picture. Google may choose to search or select Facebook Friend of the like of which you would like to comment or post. After this post by clicking the edit can write anything on his own.Fake Facebook Wall(1)

Posted name by Mark Zuckerberg your fist like will be available, click on it and type a name like that you can customize. As such they will feel that this person Like this post. Below that you like you can add comments. To add a comment, click the plus button and repeat the same posting process. Select the picture, name, type, please comment. Comments can be changed even after setting them, and they can be up and down. Also you can post your comments, photos, friendship, like make and post event. After completing all the work you can save it on your wall can share.[adsense]Fake Facebook Wall (2)

Create a Fake Facebook Wall from below link and to astonish your friends: