Best Free Anti-Spyware Programs to Protect Your Computer

Best Free Anti-Spyware Programs

The Spyware are small pieces of software that are placed in your computer and spy on everything the user does on the PC. Especially websites that open, programs that launches and purchases which is on the sites, so you can redirect the browser to unwanted sites, full of viruses, suddenly pop up and annoying banners, feed the phishing and in general undermining the stability of the computer causing slowdowns.Best Free Anti-Spyware Programs

To Boost the Defenses to Install One of the Following Programs on Your Pc:


Being this a particularly powerful and constantly updated program, it is essential to find those small threats, especially related to surfing on the internet, which antivirus do not consider. Spybot is to be used at least once a month, updating it and starting its scan; the program, especially if the PC is used by many different people, will always find some threat to be eradicated. Download free from:

Spyware Blaster

This is a program that prevents the installation of files and software that can behave as spyware but also adware and malware. With a very different approach to the other anti-spyware tools, which have the main task of scanning harmful files, it prevents all spyware in its database from being installed on your computer for spyware. As a prevention method it is very effective, which is why we recommend installing it on PCs run by beginners or many different people. Download free from:

Malwarebytes Anti-malware

One of the lightest and most efficient programs for spyware, even the most hidden ones. It analyzes your computer files for spymalware, the good thing is that the scan is fast enough, the best thing is that it removes some spy threats that Spybot does not see. The free version offers a scanner that blocks many additional threats compared to previous programs, but the maximum effectiveness is obtained with the commercial license. Download free from:[adsense]


Another very powerful and effective program, able to eradicate spyware, changes to browsers, adware and many other threats that can hide inside the PC. We recommend periodically launching a scan with this program, given its enormous effectiveness: we will always find something to eliminate and we will avoid that spyware can collect too much data. Download free from:


It is the classic “install and forget” software: it can be updated and used no more than once every two months, it makes a more accurate file by file scan and shows a minimum false positive signal; in the free version you can not activate the permanent protection, something to do only in case of real need as it can slow down the computer. Superantispyware is perfect in its portable version that you can copy on a USB stick and use in the case on the PC you can not install new programs. Download free from:

IOBit Malware Fighter

An excellent free scanner with real-time protection, able to intercept a large number of spyware and malware thanks to its large, constantly updated database. Download free from:

Spyware Terminator

A powerful program that offers a spyware removal tool in addition to a real-time protection module, which can prevent threats before they infect your computer. Download free from: