How Can Schools Futurize Their Classroom Setup With The Use Of QR Codes?

As most schools are now modernizing most of their operating means to provide a more conducive learning environment for their learners, educators are now tapping the use of modernized learning tools to update their teaching means.

Because of that, a new mode of learning is introduced to students. And with these learning modes, technology is injected and becoming the central point for learners to fully understand the lessons they learning and leaving behind the issues they encounter with traditional learning.

Through modernizing their means of education, some of the teachers are integrating the use of ingenious yet useful technologies to simplify many of the lessons they incorporate.

And with the growing popularity of a free QR code generator to solve some learning issues, many teachers consider the use of QR codes to modernize their teaching means.

How do schools futurize their classroom setup with the use of QR codes?

As most schools are now futurizing their classroom setup with the use of QR codes, many educators integrated the use of them in the following ways.

Minimizing print materials with QR codes

Teachers can futurize their classroom setup by minimizing the number of paper used and convert these printed materials into a digital one and save it as a form of QR code.

In this way, they can intuitively digitalize their learning materials and immerse their students in a new way to learn.

Automating their attendance checking system

As a way to minimize the time teachers make when doing their attendance roll call, they can integrate the use of a QR code attendance to fasten their attendance checking means. By integrating the use of QR codes to check their attendance, they can reduce the instances of consuming more time in doing attendance and have more time in learning and discussing the lessons they encounter.

Create scan-to-watch instructional videos

Since videos are becoming a crucial learning tool that most modern students look into when they try to make difficult concepts into simpler ones, the issue in bridging videos into print paper exists.

As a way to reinforce the gaps teachers and students can encounter when embedding a video link in its learning materials, educators can integrate the use of QR codes to embed their video link or file and simplify the way they watch a video by simply scanning the code on their learning devices.

Convert print images into a QR code

To save money in printing images in your learning corner, educators can tap on the use of QR codes to convert important images in learning into a QR code and let their learners scan and have a thorough view of it right through their learning devices.

How to convert your learning materials into a QR code?

  1. Go to a QR code generator with logo online and sign up for an account.

To start creating your QR code, start selecting the best QR code generator that you can partner with and create an account with it.

  1. Select the QR code category of your learning material

Select the QR code category of the learning material you want to attach and fill in the required fields.

  1. Generate your QR code

Continue generating your QR code by selecting the type of QR code you want to generate. To have more access and control with your QR code, generate your QR code as a dynamic QR code.

  1. Modify your QR code design

You can modify your QR code design by selecting the suggested design templates or make your own by selecting the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors and add your logo and call to action.

  1. Run a QR code scan test

After personalizing your QR code design, run a scan test using different devices to ensure the correct data display and fasten its scannability rate.

  1. Download and strategically place it in your classroom.

Download your QR code and distribute them to your class. To maintain the QR code’s quality when printed, download your QR code in SVG format.


As the future of education lies with the teachers’ integration of today’s technological tools in their teaching means, simplification of many learning processes is address with their incorporation to it.

With QR codes as one of the technological tools they integrate, the process of unlocking new learning materials is now achieved by just simply scanning them.